1st recreational marijuana business opens in Detroit

Detroit’s first recreational marijuana dispensary opens for business. Welcome to “Da Cut”.

“Finally today, four years later, we are here as a full-fledged adult use and medical marijuana facility,” said owner Al Williams.

In 2018, Michigan legalized recreational use of marijuana for those 21 and older, but Detroit faced some challenges.

“(We were) the last major city in Michigan to open adult use, but the first major city to enter healthcare,” Williams said.

After protracted lawsuits and legal challenges, the city of Detroit finally approved 33 retail licenses last month.

Da Cut on Gratiot is a black-owned business and one of the first to open.

“I came to support it and see what it was like,” said one customer.

The store began selling a large number of goods on Wednesday.

“This is our Mac -1. It’s one of our top-of-the-line stocks,” said store manager Brenda Essmyer. “Known as the Miracle Alien Cookie.”

“I’ve got it. I’ll try it out and see how it works,” said another customer.

Bright packaging contains several catchy names.

Baby Jeter is already a customer favorite

“If you’re attending a social event or gathering, grab one and pass it around,” Essmyer said.

But if smoking isn’t your thing, there are options.

“Edible, these are the most popular edibles here,” Essmyer said. We are trying to incorporate different types of food.

“We’ve actually infused popcorn kernels, so you can put it in the microwave for three minutes and munch on the infused popcorn. They’re doing the craziest stuff.”

Sold by Da Cut.

But they are also about helping people.

“If you have a felony on record for selling marijuana or smoking marijuana, we are hiring now,” Williams said. We prioritize sexual felons because they are legal and should not be a blemish on your record.”

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