A Valley teacher’s passion for baking is helping her build a business

Fresno, California (KFSN) — When it comes to entertainment… Kristin Vasquez promises a show-stopping creation that will cherry on any dining table.

“I put my love and heart into it and can’t wait to see where this business goes,” says Kristin Vasquez.

Cakes by Kris — which I started lovingly four years ago — is at the same time teaching special education full time at Kratt Elementary.

I inherited the skill from my grandmother.

“She taught me how to make cream puffs, pies, and more, and I got this recipe book that shows how to make recipes ‘from scratch,'” Vazquez says.

The artistry in decorating the cake looks as decadent as the taste.

“I’ve been hit with cakes that are more luxurious, floral, like making brown butter cookies,” Vasquez says.

Brown butter cookies are a fan favorite, and speaking of fans, regardless of who you’re rooting for, team cakes are sure to be a crowd pleaser alongside your game day grabs.

Looking at her Instagram reel, the process looks easy, but…the business is labor intensive.

“I’m the manager. I take orders. I quote cakes. I shop. I order all the supplies we need,” says Vasquez. “Everything has to be baked from scratch: the cake, the buttercream, the cake decorations.”

Prices vary, but on average, cakes run around $180, depending on customization. But cakes and cookies are just the beginning for this up-and-coming business.

“I’m expanding. I’m doing a charcuterie board, but just like I do, I’m grazing the table,” says Vasquez. Cutie, I want to be a cookie. I want to be the whole package.”

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