Added snow means boom in business for some local companies

GLENBURN, Maine (WABI) – The ease of winter has made life difficult for local businesses that depend on it.

Unfortunately we didn’t have snow. For us, we like snow. Snowing means we are out here having an exciting and fun time. So we really enjoy it,” said Bob Deroche, store manager at Glenburn Landscape and Supply Company.

But when it starts snowing, an avalanche of businesses hits.

“But now that the storm is brewing, we are very busy,” says Megan Haller of Glenburn Landscape and Supply Company.

“This is a very exciting time for us. Not only do we have to work long hours and have a lot of products to sell, not just snow blowers, but sales are starting to pick up,” Haller added. rice field.

The Glenburn Landscape and Supply Company sells equipment for clearing snow in your home or business.

They can do it for you too.

“Living in Maine, there’s a lot of snow that has to be plowed. If you have to go to work or something or take care of the dog and you don’t have time to do it all yourself, It’s great, you know, you just, they’ll take care of it,” said Bangor resident Scott Carey.

“Whether it’s just snowed and there’s no way out of the driveway, being able to help people means we can help and give back so they can come Till them, get them out of the driveway and make sure they’re all taken care of, sometimes including salting and sand-salting,” Haller said.

So far this week, December and January have seen less snow than normal, but we’re trying to make up for lost time in the coming months.

“So there is certainly still plenty of snow to fall. January is just kickstarting.

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