After the Harry Hurricane, Royals Attempt ‘Business as Usual’

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William and Kate “allow actions to speak louder than words” as they try to get out of Harry’s shocking revelations, a friend of the couple told the Daily Beast on Thursday.

King Charles is expected to follow a similar playbook, with an old friend of his telling the Daily Beast, “Keep calm and carry on.”

The “business as usual” message came as the royal family began the arduous task of cleaning up after Hurricane Harry Thursday with Charles in Scotland and William and Kate in Liverpool, England. Darkness of January.

Everyone had a smile on their face and were as eager to take to Twitter to prove it as they were to avoid reporters’ questions about Harry’s book.

There’s no doubt there’s a performance element to Cheers, but they could at least be satisfied. spare not only failed to overthrow the monarchy, but it appears to have actually destroyed the reputation of its creators, at least in the all-important domestic market.

Harry’s memoir was a commercial hit, with record sales numbers.

But all the evidence is that after reading the book (or some of the millions of words spent by journalists) Brits decided they liked Harry even less than they did when they started. .

According to a new YouGov poll released Thursday, the prince’s net favorability rating is now at a shocking all-time low of -44 (down from -38 just a week ago, before the book’s release), and he’s more likely than Meghan has become even more unpopular than Low -42.

Perhaps the most negative thing about the Sussexes is that even their support has waned, even though the younger generation most likely have a warmer view of the couple. 39% of 18-25 year olds have a positive impression of Harry and 49% have a negative impression.

prior publication of spare41% had a positive impression of him and 41% had a negative impression. Only 29% had a negative view.

But the number of elderly people is really dire. Incredibly, the poll found that Britons over 65 hate Sussex more than Prince Andrew.

Prince William, Prince of Wales and Catherine Duchess of Wales during a visit to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in Liverpool, UK January 13, 2023.

Karwai Tang/WireImage

The royal family’s plans for the next few months leading up to the May 6th coronation look as clear as they are unsophisticated – lots of waving in the rain and everything blowing away. Hope – Harry and Meghan have quite a few things to consider as that big date approaches.

Whether they will be invited is one matter, and if they are called, whether they will go is another matter.

There is conflicting information on this important issue. Some sources say that by attacking Camilla, Harry crossed a dangerous line and won’t be invited. Other reports say the king was generous and would issue invitations. A third method is independence The couple were expected to be invited but not go this week, but it’s unlikely they’ll be at the mercy of the wind at the mercy of the Sussexes. On the contrary, an invitation to an event means very categorically:

The truth is that it is the King’s decision and the King does not have to decide yet and probably will not until the last possible moment. He is closely guided by his advisory team, which includes (memorably parodied as “The Wasp” in Harry’s book) and William’s former secretary, “Fly” Simon Case. As the country’s most senior civil servant, he is the heart of the British government, but is still understood to advise the royal family.

Some counselors claim that inviting Harry creates a distracting sideshow, while others say that not doing so risks being perceived as petty and persuasive.

Finally, it is just and proper to invite my son to the coronation. So despite the brick bat being thrown at Camilla, many think Charles will eventually.

If the invitation arrives, Harry and Meghan should consider whether they’re ready to take the very real risk of being booed by an irate domestic crowd as they enter the church. Being called out in front of billions of viewers is not ideal for brand building.

Prince Harry’s office did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Beast (as did Charles’ office), but Prince Harry is the first to get an apology from the palace in an interview with Britain’s Tom Bradby. He suggested that he would not attend as long as possible.

“On 12th January 2023, King Charles III of Great Britain visited the Aboyne and Mid-Deeside Community Shed in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, met with local hardship groups and read the guestbook as he toured the new facility. signed.


That won’t happen, but the Sussexes may decide it’s too important to pass up a big royal-adjacent opportunity.

But this weekend, there’s a sense that the circus is leaving town, and oddly enough, the world doesn’t seem all that different from the time before it arrived.

Prince Harry packed his metaphorical bags and retired to his Montecito mansion without any interviews, podcasts, or public appearances to support his memoir. sparehas been announced.

In Scotland, the King visited the ‘Men’s Shed’ project in Aberdeenshire and visited a food bank (Charles singled out food bank volunteers who were particularly praised in his Christmas speech).

William and Kate toured Liverpool City’s Royal Hospital for their first post.spare meeting with the public.

It went well, and the couple were said to have been “greeted with loud cheers.” daily mailwhile the patient identified as Silvia, 81, Post told William. [Liverpudlians] I love you. “

William replied, “I will.”

And of course he will.

What other options does he have?

A spokesperson for William and Kate declined to comment on Harry’s book, but said the couple “will be busy with their engagement over the next few weeks,” with a particular focus on the launch of the princess’ early-year campaign later this month. Added.

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