Aiken 11-year-old creates egg business to save for gaming computer

Aiken, South Carolina (WRDW/WAGT) – As they grow up, they take on novice jobs like mowing grass and selling lemonade, but they find one who turns chickens into profit.

“I love my chickens. I love the business I started,” said Faoran Williams.

Eleven-year-old Williams turned part of his parents’ garden into a pasture.

“I look here every morning to check the eggs and also the food and water to make sure they don’t get too low,” he said.

Williams goes out several times a day to check on the chickens. he has almost 30.

“My father said that I should not only get a computer, but work for what I want: a computer,” he said.

Williams has to earn it to get the gaming computer he wants.

“Work hard for what you get and you’ll see how much it’s worth,” he said.

Using social media, he sells colorful eggs laid by his chickens for $6 a dozen. With egg prices these days, Williams says there’s demand.

“I have a huge list with one page on the front and one on the back. It was completely full, so I had to start another page,” he said.

His chickens are having trouble keeping up. He says they lay about 12 eggs a day together.

Williams knows that if he keeps at it, he will make enough money one day. He plans to nearly double the number of chickens by summer. Even after he got the computer, he says he will continue to sell eggs to save money for the house.

For more information, visit his Facebook page.

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