AT&T Business Internet Review 2023

AT&T Business Internet Editor’s Score: 90/100

price 80
agreement 95
customer support 90
internet speed 100
internet mobility 95

Why AT&T Business Internet is Perfect for Digital Entrepreneurs

Building a digital brand has become easier these days as more people have access to simple tools to build e-commerce websites, social media followings, and email subscriber lists. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for internet providers who can provide fast internet speeds and create and maintain an online presence. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a small business owner, AT&T’s Fiber Optic Business Internet meets these requirements and more. Dedicated Internet, symmetrical upload and download speeds, and Internet backup options are just a few of the many features available with AT&T Business. AT&T’s dedicated internet plans allow customers to experience the fastest possible internet speeds while staying connected to their own secure internet line.

did you know? : For the fifth year in a row, AT&T was ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for large enterprise wireline services by JD Power.

Strong Points

  • Download and upload speeds are symmetrical.
  • AT&T offers proactive network monitoring.
  • AT&T’s dedicated internet boasts nearly 100% uptime.


  • Fiber optic internet is generally only available in some areas.
  • Gigabit speed internet plans can be expensive.

AT&T Business Internet Features

Symmetrical download/upload speed Download speeds are as fast as upload speeds for large file transfers, web conferencing, and other bandwidth-hungry tasks.
dedicated internet Fast, reliable connectivity keeps your business running with near 100% uptime.
No annual contract Business customers have flexible monthly or usage-based billing.
internet backup A secondary connection helps maintain operations until the primary connection is restored.
24/7 proactive network monitoring Automated ticketing and cybersecurity monitoring eliminate digital threats.
static IP address A fixed IP address allows you to access the Internet in one central area.

Symmetrical download and upload speeds

Most internet providers advertise fast download speeds in their packages and deals, but they also offer much slower upload speeds. I love that AT&T offers symmetric internet speeds. In other words, download speed and upload speed are the same. For example, a Business Internet package that promises download speeds of up to 300 Mbps also includes upload speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

Symmetrical download and upload speeds have many benefits, especially for small business owners who work from home. You can meet on the web or multitask during a web meeting for seamless productivity.

dedicated internet

For businesses running their own servers, AT&T offers a dedicated Internet plan as an all-in-one service that uses a single, unshared connection and operates with near 100% uptime. With symmetrical download and upload speeds from 10 Mbps to 1 Tbps, small business owners and sole proprietors can browse the internet without interruption.

AT&T Dedicated Internet offers a variety of download and upload speeds so you can scale up as your business grows. For example, a sole proprietorship can start with a 10 Mbps plan and upgrade to higher speeds as they hire more employees and need additional resources.

No annual contract

I like that AT&T Business does not have an annual contract. Rather, there are options for monthly or usage-based plans. This was not the case for most of the other business Internet service providers we surveyed.

internet backup

It’s easy to transfer information digitally today, but servers sometimes experience unexpected outages. Services such as maintenance and heavy traffic can slow down your internet either through shared internet or dedicated internet across connections. Fortunately, both AT&T Dedicated Internet and AT&T Business Fiber has a backup option for an additional monthly fee.

AT&T wireless broadband plans also serve as a backup internet option. Dedicated Internet and Business Fiber includes a backup router with 12-24 hour battery backup, but customers can choose to use AT&T Wireless Broadband as their primary connection or secondary backup option. I’ve found this to be especially useful for businesses that sell their products online.

24/7 proactive network monitoring

Dedicated Internet and Business Fiber plan customers have access to 24/7 proactive network monitoring. In the event of a server failure, a team of AT&T business experts can submit service tickets on your behalf and closely monitor server activity. This service is included with our Dedicated Internet and Business Fiber plans, in addition to the 24/7 customer support offered with all plans.

static IP address

Dedicated Internet and Business Fiber plans provide static IP addresses for corporate customers. This is ideal for companies that host their own he website or need to provide remote internet access to their employees. Because it’s easier to track activity from a fixed network than from a dynamic IP.

AT&T Business Internet Cost

AT&T offers the following business internet plans:

  • AT&T Dedicated Internet: This is a priority connectivity plan that allows you to keep your business running even when internet traffic is heavy.
  • AT&T Business Fiber: This is a super fast and reliable plan that offers gigabit speeds with no annual contract.
  • AT&T Wireless Broadband: This plan is an efficient business Internet solution that allows you to get your business up and running quickly.

AT&T Dedicated Internet pricing is not shown online as it depends on your specific business needs. Therefore, you should contact your sales representative for an individual quote. AT&T considers factors such as business size and location in determining the final cost of a dedicated Internet plan.

There is an AT&T Enterprise option for large enterprises. Please contact the AT&T support team to determine if that type of plan is right for your company.

Setting up AT&T Business Internet

All AT&T Business Internet plans include installation and choice of modem or gateway. AT&T wireless broadband specifically requires a hotspot or router. Unfortunately, you cannot use your own routers or modems with AT&T Business Internet, but AT&T does offer their own line of routers and we recommend purchasing them for optimal performance. .

AT&T Business Internet can be expected to be installed in up to 10 days. With all plans, our experts install the necessary equipment to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. Once internet setup and installation is complete, the customer can access his AT&T Business Direct portal to manage services and pay monthly bills.

AT&T Business Internet Customer Service

AT&T Business Experts are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. If you have questions outside of AT&T support hours, the company offers an automated chat feature that is available 24/7 to answer basic questions and direct you to website resources. By the way, I found that many questions require a sign-in. This may discourage new customers from using it and instead wait for the customer to serve him over the phone.

AT&T Business has a full support page dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions. However, corporate customers who have questions about a particular plan can contact AT&T’s Corporate Internet Customer Service team by phone or post their questions on the online community forums. Additionally, customers can contact a Business Solutions Specialist via an online form.

AT&T Business Internet Drawbacks

Fiber optic internet offers the fastest download and upload speeds on the market, but it also has some drawbacks. For example, compared to cable or satellite internet, the cost of fiber optic internet is very high, especially as customers are looking to use gigabit internet as their primary business internet option.

If price is a concern, customers can consider using lower tier internet options that offer faster internet speeds at a fraction of the cost of higher plans. However, AT&T’s prices are still higher than those of other business Internet services that offer wired Internet connections. For a more cost-effective service, consider Spectrum reviews or Verizon reviews.

Another limitation is that AT&T Business Internet may not be available in your company’s location. Fiber optic internet is usually more limited in availability than cable or satellite internet. Any business that needs to perform large data transfers or maintain a high-speed internet connection should be hosted in a specific region. If your business is located in an area with limited internet connectivity, consider reading Viasat’s review of options available in rural areas.


When considering business Internet providers, we looked at some of the features that business owners need to run their business from start to finish. That process involved extensive research, phone calls to internet providers, and ultimately determining the use of each vendor he chose for his case. Factors such as installation time, internet speed, business phone service, and internet availability were taken into account. For digital entrepreneurs, he chose AT&T as the ideal business internet provider.

AT&T Business Internet FAQ

What is the difference between AT&T Dedicated Internet and AT&T Business Fiber?

AT&T Dedicated Internet provides fast, reliable connectivity dedicated to your personal business. AT&T Business Fiber provides gigabit internet speeds using a shared internet connection. Both AT&T Dedicated Internet and Business Fiber are actively monitored and supported 24/7 by his team of AT&T Business Customer Service experts.

Am I eligible to use AT&T Business Internet?

AT&T’s business internet is only available in certain areas due to the nature of fiber internet. Please contact AT&T directly for service in non-fiber areas.

What are the costs and fees to consider when using AT&T Business Internet?

Costs and charges vary depending on the business plan selected, but costs applicable to all plans may include installation and equipment charges.

Is AT&T Internet Backup available on all Business plans?

Both AT&T Dedicated Internet and AT&T Business Fiber come with Internet Backup. It consists of a backup router that provides the enterprise with power for 12-24 hours until the primary connection is back online. Customers who choose AT&T Wireless Broadband can use it as both a primary connection and a backup connection in the event of a power outage.

overall value

I recommend AT&T Business Internet …

  • Digital entrepreneurs who use online marketing as their primary business tool.
  • Small business owners looking to expand their business.
  • Business owners who need fast internet speeds.

we please do not We recommend AT&T Business Internet…

  • A small brick-and-mortar business.
  • Business owners who are just starting their business and don’t need blazing fast internet speeds right from the start.
  • Local or other location businesses with limited connectivity.

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