Bengals success bringing business to a local cigar shop

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – Whether it’s sunglasses, fashion or playing on the field, Joe Burrow is ‘Joe Cool’ today.

However, cigars and winning became his hobby when pictures of the Bengals quarterback enjoying celebratory cigars surfaced online after winning a national championship in college. Many fans are now celebrating in the same way.

Teams handed out a specific type of cigar to celebrate the AFC North Championship. What started in Barrow has become a team…and more in Cincinnati.

Dave Macejko of Over-the-Rhine’s Premium Cigar shop says a photo of boys smoking cigars in the locker room helped his business.

“Yes, it will start earlier this year, just like last year, because of the success the Bengals have enjoyed,” Maciejko said. “A cigar is something to celebrate. ‘It’s a boy, it’s a girl, I got a new job. I graduated, we won. And thanks to what’s happening in the Bengals, the city is winning.’ Cigars are part of that.”

Macejko opened his shop four years ago. He loved these moments and noticed the brand of cigars the team was celebrating.

“You can see it in some videos of Joe smoking a cigar, it’s like a Cuban Cohiba,” Maseiko explained. And that was the cigar he smoked at LSU.”

But not all players have the same tastes as Burrow.

Drew Estates and Padrone Perdomo [are some] It’s one of the famous celebratory cigars,” Maciejko said. “EP Carrillo [is a] A very popular cigar with some coaches. Mixon Drew He smokes Estate and Topaz. ”

Like beer, Cincinnati has a rich history with cigars. Home to his OTR Premium Cigars on Elm Street, the building was built in 1885 and was once a cigar rolling establishment.

It continues today with the victory of Bengal…and there are cigars for all kinds of celebrations.

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