Better Business Bureau warns of parking ticket scams

jacksonville, florida – frustrating! You step out to your car and find a parking ticket on the windshield. But before you pay the fine, make sure your ticket is legitimate.

There are many parking ticket scams out there designed to capture your personal information.

Here’s how it works and how you can spot a fake parking ticket.

The Better Business Bureau is warning drivers after a series of reports of counterfeit parking tickets. The scammer creates fake tickets using her handheld printer and sticks them on his windshield of the car. The BBB said it could get more elaborate, with some scammers using QR codes.

By following the instructions, you will be paying fines and providing personal information that you are not actually obligated to pay.

Before visiting a new location, the Better Business Bureau recommends researching available parking lots and parking requirements. Please look carefully when you receive the quote. Scammers can imitate logos and city hall names.

Search the internet for official city parking ticket websites and compare what you find.

Then double check who needs to pay for the ticket. The check should be against a specific organization, not a set of initials or a person’s name.

Another way to protect yourself is to pay with a credit card. This makes it easier to dispute fraudulent charges.

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