Birmingham PD investigator offers tips to drivers and business owners for preventing car break-ins

Birmingham, Alabama (WBRC) – Following a series of car break-ins on St. Vincent’s East, WBRC is in talks with law enforcement to learn more about the matter.

For drivers, experts said it’s easy to lock the door. They also said you should park in well-lit areas to make it less easy for these thieves to steal from you.

BPD Detective DeAndre Miller said there are ways companies can protect employee vehicles and make it easier for police to track down potential thieves.

“I think cameras are very important,” says Miller.

Detective Miller stresses that security cameras are often important in starting an investigation. Especially when linked to BPD’s Real Time Crime Center.

“As cops, we can’t be everywhere, but those cameras show us that we’re not everywhere, we’re everywhere,” Miller said.

Car burglaries can be frustrating to work with, especially if the victim is waiting for updates on the investigation.

“It’s kind of like, ‘I let them down,’ but it really wasn’t, because we don’t really have anything,” Miller says.

It feels like Detective Miller is trying his best to avoid, but the car breakers seem to be getting better and better.

“It’s been a little rough lately,” he said. “A lot of people now can’t even get out of their cars, they just go from car to car without their feet on the ground.”

Detective Miller says that many of the thieves are actually teenagers who know the system, and the cars they use to break in are often stolen, making it very difficult to track them down.

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