Black-owned business near me: Chicago woman turns sweet hobby into new business venture after laid off during pandemic

Chicago (WLS) — Chicago businesses born out of the pandemic are doing more than just ice cream after one woman turned her sweet hobby into a new venture.

“I actually purchased the machine as a fun activity to learn how to make ice cream with my kids. The ice cream machine arrived the day before I was laid off,” said Ida Nelson. increase.

Nelson was a former executive assistant at North Lawndale. Currently, she is the owner of Ida’s Artisan Ice Cream and Treats, which is based in her space, an incubator in East Garfield Park.

“I wanted to do my part to create happiness, joy and peace, as well as create a resource for hurting communities,” Nelson said.

Ida’s is one of 4,800 black-owned businesses in the Chicago area.

She said it’s about more than ice cream, it’s about creating opportunities. I’m here.

Starting Wednesday, the Ice Cream Museum on Michigan Avenue will feature two flavors of Ida during Black History Month.

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“We thought it was really important to partner with local black businesses,” said Kimberly Lawson of the Ice Cream Museum. Being able to step in is very important.”

“I tell my kids every day that I make black history by making decisions to be outstanding. I reflect what I get out of North Lawndale.” We are thrilled that so many people will have the opportunity to experience this, but it will be possible for people around the world – ice cream lovers around the world – to experience it.”

Nelson sells 50 flavors online, including 12 vegan options. Visitors to the museum can sample in person this month, but this summer North He’s coming to Lawndale to see Ida’s Artisan Ice Cream and Treats storefront.

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