Business as usual at weekly BOCC meeting

A series of bills ($1,064,617 and amended) to keep the county running was requested by County Clerk Mike Rosedale and approved at the Bonner County Commissioner’s Weekly Business Meeting on Tuesday, adding $24,676.74 to the county’s EMS. has been added.

The Commissioner has approved a Consent Agenda containing a Liquor License issued to the Little Heisel Service Station in Clark Fork. Eichardt’s Pub Grill and Coffee, Bluebird Bakery, Utara Brewing Company, Curry House in Sandpoint. Captn’s Table in Sagle, Sandpoint Lodge 1376 BPOE and Elks Golf Course in Ponderay. Also included was Bartlett Farms platform approval and his over $5,000 bill for Road and Bridge.

Court Director Nancy Twinham filed a memo saying year-end arrears on the Self-Insured Medical Fund caused the deficit balance. Her request was to use her $906,00 of ARPA funds to offset the deficit and bring the account into a positive balance. Your request has been approved.

It was also approved that Twineham had requested the Bureau to bring in $23,000 from the Equitable Fund, as the county was leasing a new tractor for use at the fairgrounds. These funds will help pay for the lease.

GIS’s Mike Boling requested that the commissioner sign a memorandum of understanding with the City of Sandpoint regarding address marking.

“Now we have a hybrid model where they do some work and we do some work, so all the work is handed off to us,” Boling said. says. “On top of that, we take all address fees.”

Jeff Connolly thanks Boling for his work on the project.

“This hybrid worked, but I think it’s a better way to get the right address in the city of Sandpoint,” Connolly said.

MOU approved.

The Granite North Frontage, Vintage, and Mineral Ridge roads were topics presented by Jason Topp, Director of Roads and Bridges. He told officials the county agreed to let the Idaho Department of Transportation take over maintenance of those roads after Route 95 was widened to his four lanes. He said the take over would include bike paths, some paved and some gravel.

Business Operations Manager Jessi Reinbold asked for and received approval to sign a contract/memorandum of understanding for an external audit by accounting firm Hayden Ross. She said the cost of her audit will be $55,000 for her, up $4,000 from last year.

And finally, before officials discussed zoning the Priest River land, Connolly rejected himself because his brother was a co-owner of the land in question. Director of planning and zoning, Jacob Gabel, told the commissioner that the resolution is on a moratorium on the property. It said it would take 182 days to issue a recommendation, according to state law.

The Bonner County Commissioners hold a business meeting every Tuesday at 9:00 am in the Administration Building, 1500 US 2, Suite 338. The meeting will be streamed live. For more information, please visit

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