Business College Receives a Grant to Incorporate Virtual Reality Into Its Student Success Initiatives

Gordon Ford College of Business (GFCB) has been selected for an Immersive Soft Skills Grant from Bodyswap and Meta. GFCB will be provided with two Meta Quest 2 headsets and access to the Bodyswaps library of soft skills training simulations. Virtual reality headsets and modules allow students to experience realistic workplace scenarios and learn about communication and public speaking, employability and job interviewing, diversity, equity and inclusion, management and leadership, and customer experience. You can get training.

Dr. Evelyn Thrasher, Senior Associate Dean, Gordon Ford College of Business, said: “We plan to incorporate virtual her reality training throughout these courses. As students complete her Bodyswaps training, we will follow up with in-person assignments to assess their progress.”

In Fall 2022, GFCB has undergone a revised Business Curriculum. This revision has enabled GFCB to integrate professionalism and student success into the overall student academic experience.

For more information about the Gordon Ford College Business Student Success Center, please visit:

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