Business Geniuses at Amazon Hard at Work on Hot New Idea: NFTs

I have a question.

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Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is planning to launch a web3 initiative focused on cryptocurrency games and NFTs, a source familiar with the matter told the web3 outlet. block works.

No, you didn’t go back to January 2021. It’s him 2023 and the cryptocurrency market has really crashed and the NFT bubble has almost burst as well.

Yet despite the collapse of floor prices, lawsuits, and renewed skepticism about expensive JPEGs, Amazon has finally decided it’s time to jump headfirst into the market.

“We knew it was possible,” the source said. block works“But now it seems like it’s really happening.”

Got the game?

block worksThe e-retailer has gone to great lengths to acquire a series of major industry power players, with a focus on web3 gaming startups and “related NFT applications,” according to sources.

“One example in the works is letting Amazon customers play crypto games and claiming free NFTs in the process, according to a source.”

oh nice game. Amazon is also said to have reached out to several “digital asset exchanges.”

Amazon Casino

I have a question. Again, given the state of the broader cryptosphere and the NFT niche in particular, this is a very strange move on Amazon’s behalf.

It’s hard to blame them for wanting to expand Prime Gaming. In fact, a natural next step towards a Blob-like desire to expand a very expensive digital media empire, but an attempt to get customers into the “crypto game” for NFT prizes. It’s like encouraging users to gamble with volatile and unregulated assets in order to win equally volatile and unregulated assets.It feels like an unnecessary risk for a company that already faces its fair share of public and political scrutiny.

That said, Amazon CEO Andrew Jassy has expressed interest in blockchain initiatives in the past.

Either way, blockchain could be a game changer for Amazon and its founders, but I’m not quite sure what we expected. It’s classic Bezos: always going all the way to a party and just having weird, half-hearted, bordering on legal ideas to show it.

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