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One The most important aspect of the year-end review is evaluating what worked and what didn’t work for your business. By setting expectations for the coming year based on these statistics, you can ensure continuous improvement for your company.

Here, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members share the most valuable lessons they’ve learned in the last 12 months and the top takeaways to implement in your business in 2023.

hearing is worth more than hearing

I learned that listening is far more important than being heard. Our team has great ideas and our customers have given us great feedback. It’s a humble position, but it’s always worth it. By listening, we were able to tailor our communications, offerings, and even investor interests. – Michael Kennedy, Component Wine Company

Adaptability is important for business

We have learned that we must embrace chaos and plan with resilience and agility. This year he is much different than 2021 and needed a year-end adjustment to close out the year and set himself up for 2023. Our industry is still struggling under the dynamics of the pandemic and is unpredictable. We can plan for a truly promising 2023. – Kevin Magee, Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Face-to-face contact matters

I learned the importance of face-to-face contact. Virtual meetings are great, but meeting in person, selling out theaters for two premieres, and reflecting on projects we’ve done and are planning to do is extremely important. We are grateful to be able to plan more events for next year and beyond. – Karina Michelle Feld, Tallulah Films

Protecting your health is protecting your business

I was diagnosed with early breast cancer in the summer of 2022. Skipped health checks during the pandemic. I learned that in order to take care of your business, you have to take care of yourself first.If you’re not around and you’re sick and can’t run your company, what’s the point in sacrificing all these years to get here? – Michel de Long, Mimi Productions

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Adversity often brings new resolutions

This year has been a tumultuous one in the raging seas of economic catastrophe. As a leader, I grew from challenges and honed my skills on the grindstone of difficulty. I used these lessons to renew my determination to succeed, not only for myself, but for my team. Adversity is the pressure to turn coal into diamond, and for that I will make 2023 shine bright. – Sheila Dedenbach, Heavenly Sweet

Streamlining can lead to more value

Rationalization is good. People don’t need all the features. They want something functional, fun, value-added, and purposeful. Whether it’s experience, technology, finances, or anything else, it should help people move forward in life and careers. – Susan Johnston, New Media Film Festival®

Always use your time wisely

This year has been a year of ups and downs, but there have been many more downs. The constant volatility of markets and events has only tested our ability to adapt in difficult times and pivot in preparation for when things turn around. I learned how to use it very wisely. It’s about being proactive rather than keeping a low profile or waiting. – Tim Haldawson, Lunar Strategy

Your business is stronger when you focus on core financial KPIs

The pandemic has taught us how capricious the economy can be. Going forward, it will become even more important to be organized, efficient and cost-effective. Companies that focus on their core financial KPIs are poised to deliver stronger results than ever before. – Adam Ayers, Number 5


Small meetings are more effective

Looking back at 2022, I found that the more people in the room, the less likely good ideas were shared and the longer the meetings. To have a productive meeting, you need to plan ahead, considering who will be attending and what their roles will be. This way, you can invite them to share their thoughts and encourage them to take action. – Christine Marche, Marche Media, LLC

Benefits of asking for help when you need it

I have learned to ask for help. Most people are happy to help you if you ask. In business scenarios, this leads to stronger collaboration and allows you to be realistic about your professional pitfalls. – Jacob Mathison, Mathison Projects Inc.

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