Business owners in Itaewon ask the bereaved families to apologize as they continue to struggle to pay rent

Recently, in a TikTok video protesting by Itaewon business owners,I don’t have money to pay the rent is in the news in South Korea.

In the video, one of the merchants describes the situation in Itaewon and asks the bereaved family to help change the atmosphere of the once bustling but now empty streets.Please help us (Itaewon) to renew our image. If things continue like this, Itaewon will end.”

he continued, “After suffering from COVID-19, Itaewon is dying of tragedy. Of course, I have to offer my condolences to the deceased, but if a certain amount of time has passed, the bereaved family will come and apologize to the owner of Itaewon.” . He appealed that the bereaved family should take the lead in trying to change their minds.

He shared the hardships of all business owners who couldn’t pay their rent. he sharedwho pays the rent here? Millions of won (thousands of US dollars). Everyone is a merchant here, but I can’t say anything. They (victims) came to Itaewon for a Halloween party and had such an accident. Who is to blame? Who? Is itaewon wrong? ”


Itaewon merchants’ defense “very painful”

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He elaboratedAnd then there were the police officers and firefighters who controlled the traffic here, and they worked really hard. But they couldn’t control everyone. And there was a policeman in the middle of the alley, begging people not to come. But they all ignored him and went up anyway. Who is to blame? It was out of control. Someone crossed the police line! ”

Many netizens sympathized with the shopkeeper and agreed that they also need to live. Netizens said, “It’s exactly what he said…the shopkeeper has to live too…just like the saying that life has to live…we can’t stay like this forever.” When “He is right. Who should be blamed?”

Meanwhile, the government’s Itaewon Incident Investigation Special Committee held a public hearing on the 12th with the participation of bereaved families and survivors of the Itaewon incident, as well as local merchants. Eight family members, two survivors and two local traders attended the hearing that day.

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