Businesses Respond to Inflation With Investment in Tech Transformation as Concerns of Recession Linger

San Francisco, January 24, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Financial decision makers across the region are investing in automation (37%) and supply chain technology (37%), according to a new Taulia survey, which As companies respond to lingering concerns about inflation and recession. A working capital management solutions provider.

The survey, conducted among more than 500 senior financial decision makers in the US, UK, Germany and Singapore, found that Singapore and US companies invested in technology and infrastructure rather than taking steps such as cutting costs. I have found that it is very likely. This includes finding cheaper suppliers, reducing labor costs, and using raw materials and energy more efficiently as economic uncertainty continues.

US decision makers say they prioritize investments in automation (43%) and supply chain management technology (41%), along with cost savings (41%). Financial decision makers in Singapore are more likely to invest in supply chain management technology (46%) and automation (44%) than in cost savings (37%).

Taulia CEO Cedric Bru said: “Constrictive monetary policy to combat inflation has raised fears of a recession in many regions. It’s encouraging to see business leaders looking for alternatives to the drastic cost reductions they experienced in the past, and creative ways to instill resilience and keep their businesses running in the face of adversity. We are also seeing a strong trend in investment as we are trying to find

“This information is an invaluable resource for companies looking to reorganize their supply chains and rethink their financial arrangements to align with a rapidly changing business environment where priorities are vastly different than they were a few months ago. .”


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A survey of 550 financial decision makers in the UK, US, Germany and Singapore, conducted by Opinium, covers companies with annual revenues of USD 750 million or more from 10-24 October 2022.

About Taulia

Taulia is a fintech provider of working capital management solutions headquartered in San Francisco, California. Taulia helps businesses access the value tied to accounts payable, receivables, and inventory. A network of over 2 million businesses use Taulia’s platform to determine when and when to pay. Taulia enables customers to implement working capital strategies, support suppliers with early payments, and contribute to building a sustainable supply chain. Taulia processes more than $500 billion annually and is trusted by the world’s largest companies such as Airbus, AstraZeneca and Nissan. In March 2022, Taulia will become part of SAP. Taulia operates as an independent company with its own brand within the SAP Group.

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