City eyes new business restrictions

Evanston alders will consider two new restrictions on local businesses on Monday. A 15-cent baggage tax and a requirement that retailers accept cash for all transactions.

The Bag Tax Ordinance replaces the existing city ban on thin plastic bags at large retail stores and is the most restrictive in the state, allowing single-use bags of all thicknesses, paper , and tax compostable bags. From April 1, 2024, we will completely ban single-use plastic his POS and produce bags.

Only four other communities in Illinois have restricted the use of bags. Chicago is 7 cents, Edwardsville, Oak Park and Woodstock are 10 cents, with a fee for paper and plastic bags.

The proposed requirement to accept cash in retail transactions has been put forward as one of the major Chicago area restaurant chains.

A company spokeswoman said the changes, which take effect next week, were driven by concerns about “the safety of Portillo’s team members and more efficient operations that benefit restaurant guests.”

Portillo’s doesn’t have a store in Evanston, but Central Street’s Hewn Bakery has restricted customers to credit or debit card transactions since the pandemic as a health and safety measure.

Proponents say cash-required rules protect the rights of unbanked customers, while opponents say refusing to accept cash eliminates the risk of theft and reduces crime rates overall. claim.

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