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NBCUniversal is the latest media and entertainment company to restructure its organizational structure to accommodate the declining linear TV environment and burgeoning streaming advertising market.

On Tuesday, NBCUniversal’s head of ad sales and partnerships, Linda Yaccarino, announced a new structure that will bring together teams of brands and agencies to build the infrastructure to attract small businesses that have traditionally not been able to afford the price of TV. has been outlined. On platforms such as Facebook and Google.

The changes include new or realigned roles for various top executives, including Maggy Chan, who joined last month from the BBC to oversee global advertising sales and partnerships. Mark Marshall leads a centralized national sales team. Frank Commerford leads local advertising strategy. And Dan Lovinger, who leads the sales team dedicated to the Olympics.

Meanwhile, Tom Winiarski’s team will be responsible for bridging linear and digital inventories, while Krishan Bhatia will oversee the company’s One Platform technology stack. Josh Feldman, who has served as his CMO of the division, will oversee the advertising sales division’s events (Upfront, One23, appearances at Cannes, etc.) and product innovations such as shoppable advertising.

Perhaps most notably, Yaccarino’s division tried to compete with Google and Meta with small deals.

Yaccarino wrote that the company has created an “SMB Growth Team” specifically to pursue these types of partners and is looking for someone to lead that team.

“This team will be working with Mark Marshall to focus entirely on creating more resources to help businesses of all sizes advertise with the best content in the world,” Yaccarino wrote.

New SMB team will be built on plans discussed by Bhatia hollywood reporter Peacock plans to launch a self-service advertising platform for smaller marketers this year.

“Television has historically been the domain of 1,000 to 2,000 marketers,” said Bhatia. THR At the time. “We have a whole ecosystem of consumer brands, e-commerce brands, performance marketers and other marketers who are directly involved in local business. but they measure it differently, they need a lower entry point, and they need more self-service tools and features.”

NBCUniversal’s revamp is the latest in a series of changes across the advertising sales business over the past year.

NBCUniversal is part of a consortium that includes Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery, which plans to pool streaming viewing data to drive a multi-currency launch in advance in 2024.

And other companies are restructuring as well.

Warner Bros. Discovery has been reorganized under Advertising Sales Chief John Steinrauch. John Steinrauch merged the traditional Discovery and Warner Media teams, focusing on both linear TV and his streaming offerings such as HBO Max.

At Paramount, John Halley took over the ad sales division and promised to integrate linear assets (like CBS) with streaming businesses like Pluto and Paramount+.

Disney is expected to undergo a transformation of its own in the coming weeks, with CEO Bob Iger effectively dismantling the DMED division. Ad Sales and Partnerships It is not clear at this time how his team will be reorganized.

But with Disney+’s new ad-supported tier being a top priority, streaming is likely to play a central role for the company.

And, of course, Netflix is ​​diving into the advertising space, planning pre-presentations, and poaching a pair of prominent Snap execs to head up its sales department.

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