Custom saunas stolen from Shakopee business’ parking lot

Shakopee, Minnesota – The family-owned business has asked the public to be on alert after someone stole two custom saunas from a parking lot this week.

A surveillance photo from a nearby business shows a silver truck carrying one of its saunas on Monday night. I got on

Voyageur Custom Saunas have been helping people warm up their lifestyles since 2017. The sauna business boomed during the pandemic as more people sought out outdoor activities.

“They can be taken fishing or taken out on the ice,” says partner Bert Martinez. “It’s really become a lifestyle for a lot of people.”

The lifestyles of the owners of two saunas that were ready to be picked up are on the backburner, but were stolen overnight Monday. They were locked outside Shakopee’s showcase in his room’s parking lot. The owner discovered they were gone around 7pm on Tuesday.

A custom sauna can cost $40,000 or more, depending on the design, says Martinez. The one that was stolen was bright red and charcoal gray, about 14 feet long and he was 9 feet tall.



Martínez said: “I didn’t expect to be able to start the new year, so it’s really disappointing.

Since the theft, they have increased security and are planning to use the tracker inside the sauna.

“We really want the units back, which means they spent a lot of time, money and energy and were specifically designed to build something they dreamed of,” he said. Told.

Until then, we plan to rebuild the sauna for our customers.

“Thankfully, our customers understand that it takes a little time, but in the end we do it right and make sure our customers are happy.

If you have information about the stolen sauna, please contact the Shakopee Police Department.

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