Data Vault Alliance announces business track keynote speaker for WWDVC 2023

Meg Rush, Chief Operations and Experience Officer at MOBE, Talks How to Communicate Data Vault to Business Executives

Vermont Business Magazine The World Wide Data Vault Consortium 2023, hosted annually by the Data Vault Alliance at the Stooflake Resort in Stowe, Vermont, USA, kicks off on Monday, May 1st, this year with a new bonus business track. A DVA spokesperson explained the addition to the regular schedule, stating: In a way that emphasizes that Data Vault is the best data warehousing solution for today’s ever-changing world, he explains to the business side of the organization how to talk about Data Vault in a language they understand. increase. ”

This year’s business program keynote will be delivered by MOBE’s Chief Operations and Experience Officer, Meg Rush. “Geek Speak Speak at the Door – How to Talk About Data Vault to an Executive” promises to provide:

– How to explain the technical benefits of Data Vault in language that executives can understand
– Why Executives Are Excited About Data Vault
– The importance of precise terms and results-based language to ensure that executives pay attention when talking about Data Vault

According to the WWDVC website, “New additions to this year’s conference include premium content featuring speeches by executives, bringing their perspectives, agendas and war stories to the table. You’ll learn first-hand what it’s like to be a customer, what keeps them up at night, and how to talk to them about Data Vault in a way that gets their attention.”

The Data Vault Alliance is the #1 trusted authority for all things Data Vault 2.0. Their mission is to maintain standards and provide resources to ensure Data Vaults Done Right, Everywhere, Every Time™. WWDVC is their annual conference and place for networking, learning, hands-on labs, and everything else related to Data Vault. For more information on this year’s WWDVC Business Monday Program and Main Conference Program, please visit

Premium Business Monday track covering Data Vault communications with business executives

A day before regular sessions begin at the 2023 World Wide Data Vault Consortium, the Data Vault Alliance kicks off the meeting on Monday, May 1st with its inaugural Premium Business Track. This Bonus Day session addresses a common problem faced by Data Vault practitioners: the difficulty of communicating the business value of the Data Vault 2.0 model to executive management. During this day’s session, attendees will hear from a variety of experts on how Data Vault interacts with the business side of your organization.

This premium track is a new venture for the Data Vault Alliance and WWDVC, curated in response to feedback from past participants. A DVA spokesperson said: Tell business executives what they care about, the language they understand, and more. ”

Attendees who sign up for this premium bonus track will hear a full day of sessions on:
– How to explain the technical benefits of Data Vault in language that executives can understand
– Why Executives Are Excited About Data Vault
– Precise terminology to ensure executives pay attention when talking about Data Vault.
– Benefits of moving to Data Vault for current business demands, supply chain issues, AI needs, etc.
– Deliver results your business cares about
– Monetize your data strategy

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in networking sessions with speakers and other attendees throughout the day, and cap off the evening with a gala dinner sponsored by DVA and Clean Data before technical sessions begin on Tuesday. For more information on the Data Vault Alliance, please visit Those interested in purchasing tickets for WWDVC 2023 and Premium Business Sessions can register at

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