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The Department of Defense (DoD) today released its Small Business Strategy. This strategy promotes a strong, dynamic and robust SME industrial base by reducing barriers to entry, increasing marginalized competition and focusing on leveraging programs to grow the industrial base.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr Kathleen Hicks said: “By reducing barriers and increasing opportunities for small businesses, we will expand, innovate, diversify, increase our fighter advantage, strengthen our supply chains, increase competition in the marketplace, and grow the economy here. You can grow it.”

Small businesses make up 99.9% of all businesses in the United States and 73% of businesses in the defense industrial base, and last year small businesses won more than 25% of all DoD prime contracts. As our nation’s economic engine, small businesses create jobs, generate innovation, and are vital contributors to our national security and defense missions, every day. This strategy will help the DoD maximize the potential of small businesses through his three goals. Ensure that DoD small business activities are aligned with national security priorities. Strengthen provincial engagement and support for SMEs.

“Fostering a resilient and robust industrial base is one of my top priorities. No. It’s about building our fighter advantage.All industries in the United States, especially innovative small businesses, develop, deliver, and maintain the critical capabilities needed to further implement our national defense strategy. I have a role to play.”

“Small businesses are extremely important to national security,” added Farooq Misa, Director of the Small Business Programs Authority. “Our military relies on small businesses to bring innovation and agility to support the mission of the Department of Defense. From providing critical component parts to cutting-edge software platforms to essential services, small businesses We provide support across nearly the entire Department of Defense.”

As part of the DoD’s efforts to better support small businesses, this strategy focuses on increasing industry engagement, including providing more tools and resources. This engagement and training effort will be facilitated by the ministry’s 96 APEX accelerators located across the country, formerly known as Procurement Technical Assistance Centers. We will work with the Department of Defense to accelerate our entry into the defense market.

The Office of Small Business Programs recommends that anyone interested in working with the DoD read the “Guide to Marketing to the DoD” at

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