Downtown Claremore sees local business success

Claremore, Oklahoma — Claremore is home to nearly 100 local businesses, many of which are located in the city’s historic downtown. However, downtown Claremore business is doing so well that the local business his owner has to wait to open.

Downtown Claremore is unlike any other small-town main street you’ll find in the area. And each building retains its own style from the town’s history. But small-town charm isn’t the only thing business owners are rushing to open.

The City of Claremore is fast becoming a one-stop shop. From bakeries to boutiques and everything in between, there are local businesses for almost anything you need. Another store opens. but why?

Alison Dietzfeld of Claremore Main Street said, “It’s very busy and one of our main thoroughfares off 66, so the location is great and the environment here is very cool. and unique,” ​​he said.

In 2022 alone, 10 new local businesses opened in downtown Claremore’s Lilac neighborhood. But with so many vacant buildings, Claremore Main Street is looking to combine the two to ensure a successful business.

“We’re just matchmakers with those business owners, so we have a list of interested people throughout the year,” Dietzfeld said.

A local business has secured the perfect location on Main Street and attributes its success to its location and community.

“You can go shopping and drop in right away. You can eat with us or pick up a snack. Come back and shop more. The main draw is being on Main Street,” says Wildflour Bakery Chef Erin Carney.

Carney said the camaraderie between local business owners is also a draw.

“We all stop by each other, eat each other’s food, shop at each other’s stores. We support each other on social media all the time,” Carney says.

Both Kearney and Dietzfeld can’t beat doing business in historic downtown and want to keep growing and adding more businesses to keep Claremore on the map.

Dietzfeld said he wants the entirety of Claremore to be home to local businesses, not just historic downtown, while of course maintaining the small-town charm that Claremore is known for.

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