‘Drive that economic engine’: Snow is big business for Lake Tahoe

Heavenly team members were busy digging up the Tamarack lift and more after a heavy snowfall.
Courtesy/Jack Morris

South Lake Tahoe, California — Lift lines are long and businesses benefit from abundant Lake Tahoe snowfall.

The resort is seeing many skiers and riders in trouble as a series of storms in December and January left a large amount of snow in the basin.

Palisades Tahoe has reported great business since the recent storm abated, and is trying to encourage people to come mid-week to avoid longer lines and wait delays.

“Now that the storm has calmed down a bit, people can get back on their feet here,” said Palisades PR manager Patrick Lacy. “We want to encourage people to ski midweek.” Parking can obviously be an issue here, so take sick leave here and there…or if you’re coming for the weekend, come early and stay late. Stay the night, come early, have breakfast here, and you’ll have a better day.”

Sarah Roston, Director of Communications at Heavenly Mountain Resorts, said that despite facing challenges throughout the heavy snow season, Vale Resorts continues to work tirelessly to provide a great experience for all guests on the mountain. Reported.

“The Heavenly team works day and night to recover from weather-induced challenges,” says Roston. “In particular, a power outage occurred on the Nevada side of the mountain, creating unusual operational issues during this holiday period.”

The outage left three lifts out of service, leaving the California Maine Lodge the only access point for the entire weekend of the holiday season, causing major traffic and parking problems, the Tribune previously reported. Fortunately, power was restored and service continued on the mountain.

Massive storms and huge numbers of people visiting the basin come in waves and are subject to weather and advisories from agencies around the basin.

“When a storm hits, most travelers listen to Caltrans, NDOT and highway patrol advice to monitor road conditions and delay travel until it’s safe,” says the Lake Tahoe Visitors Bureau. said Carol Chaplin, president and CEO of “Winter enthusiasts are enjoying the powder-filled conditions once the roads are clear and it’s safe and easy to get here.”

The Visitor Authority does not have official statistics compiled for South Lake Tahoe, but we have been in contact with accommodations, restaurants and attractions in the basin and have been temporarily affected during peak times, but have been affected during peak times since. I understand that there has been a surge. Holidays with snow create ideal conditions in the mountains.

Carl Ribaudo, President and Chief Strategist at SMG Consulting, said: “Normal [tourism is] It has been hit by snow and impacted while digging. But I think it will help in the long run in winter. People know we have great outdoor recreational conditions, so it’s a short-term blow. But I hope you can make up for it during the winter season.

The advantage of heavier winter snowfall is a longer winter season for outdoor recreation.

“It’s a balance,” said Rivaldo. “We really have no choice.”

Many people are looking forward to a longer ski season this winter.

Director of Sustainable Tourism at Visit Truckee Tahoe said: Siobhan Kenny: “Conversely, we know from last big winter that the longer the ski area stays open, the more positive revenues will be for Truckee’s local shops, retailers and restaurants.”

Heavenly, Kirkwood and Northstar all report no issues with staffing at their resorts right now, but Andy Chapman, president and CEO of the Incline Village Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau, said some locations are He said he is still trying to find a foothold for the team.

“There is no doubt that we still have problems with labor and labor availability,” said Chapman. “But I think businesses are very adaptable. We’re looking at ways to make it work, but we may only be open 6 or 5 days a week right now… Storm will help drive that economy. Please give me.”

Basin tourism has always been a hot topic, especially after overcrowding/people issues added Lake Tahoe to Fodor’s list of places to visit in 2023.

The name of the list gives the impression that tourists shouldn’t visit the area, but Mr Chapman said he wanted to teach people how to visit responsibly rather than telling visitors to stay away. emphasized the importance of

“We always make sure we’re giving real-time, accurate information about what’s going on here,” said Chapman. “We post on his social channels and website with links to all sorts of storm warnings and road information. Because it’s important to know what’s going on.”

In addition to providing accurate information to tourists, Chapman and the basin’s other travel agents provided the Tribune with opinion articles outlining how to become stewards while visiting the basin.

Some of the ways travelers can help are by taking advantage of the free public transportation available throughout the basin, including TART and TART Connect on the North Shore, Lake Link on the South Shore, and Mountaineers in Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows.

Being a steward means keeping Lake Tahoe better than it was when you found it, by disposing of it properly, choosing reusable products over single-use plastic, and caring and respecting the environment. also means

For more information on traveling to Lake Tahoe, please visit https://laketahoe.com/destination-update. or http://www.gotahonorth.com/sustainable-travel-pledge.

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