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Another strong display by the top 10 tech colleges and business colleges is the 2023 progress headline for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. we Online master’s degree program news and World Report rankings.

Improving 8 spots from 17th place in 2022, the Master of Engineering Management program within the Faculty of Engineering is 9th. we News’ 2023 Best Online Masters in Engineering list. In the same category, the program ranks his sixth overall for veterans.

Four College of Business programs we Report. Among all online business management programs, MBAs@Nebraska moved up 7 spots to 19th and 3 spots to 15th. Also, for the first time ever, Nebraska Business placed him 14th in the best online business master programs.

The business program, which finished in 14th place, includes a Master of Science in Business Analytics, Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Nebraska’s Master of Engineering Management is designed for professionals in the engineering, technology, and scientific industries. It is one of nine programs of his that are internationally accredited by the American Institute of Technology Management. breathing For its standards and excellence in curriculum, program delivery and administration.

Program Manager Jena Asgarpoor said: “Ranked #9 in the face of intense competition is testament to our program’s top quality instruction and unparalleled service.

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First established in 1964, MBAs The Nebraska program was converted to an evening program in the early 1990s, offering satellite technology courses primarily to fill gaps in business training in western Nebraska. A long-standing partnership with Offutt Air Force Base since the 1960s, Nebraska MBAs After the events of 9/11, the program was launched online in 2001 to allow students to remain enrolled while serving abroad. This move MBAs@Nebraska is one of the first fully online MBAs program.

“Our online master’s program empowers a student’s resume because it advances a career with a purposeful curriculum and opportunities to grow in-demand skills,” says Kathy Farrell, James Jr., Susan・Stuart Endowed Dean, Professor of Finance said: “In addition to the top rankings for these relatively new programs, MBAsThe @Nebraska program is a testament to students and alumni who are leading the future of business around the world. It also highlights the dedication of our faculty and staff to personalizing the experience for each student’s success. “

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Online Masters in Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was also ranked as follows: we News and World Report. The program, offered through the Department of Education and Human Sciences, was ranked 43rd overall.

For more information on rankings and methodology, see we News and World Report.

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