Ericsson divests its local customer support business in Russia

  • Ericsson continues its orderly exit from the business Russia
  • Local operations manager acquires Ericsson’s customer support business Russia provides customer support to mobile operators. Russia
  • All Ericsson Customer Engagements Russia Scheduled to be terminated by the end of the year

Stockholm, December 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ericsson’s (NASDAQ: ERIC) wholly-owned Russian subsidiary has entered into an asset purchase agreement to sell its local customer support business. Russia To a Russian company owned by a former business manager of Ericsson’s Russian subsidiary.

The transaction includes the transfer of approximately 40 Ericsson employees, certain assets and contracts related to the business.

A customer support business is a local business agreement that does not include the export of hardware, software, or related services to mobile operators. Russia.

Continue Russian intrusion into UkraineEricsson announced a temporary suspension of operations and deliveries to customers Russia An orderly de-escalation in accordance with applicable sanctions.Around 400 Ericsson employees Russia Receiving notice of staff reduction and leaving the company due to suspension of business.

Entering 2023, Ericsson will: Russia on a local basis. Legal entities owned by Ericsson will continue to be registered to complete the dissolution and meet legal, contractual and administrative requirements.

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