FION Avatar Handbag: Turn Movie Magic Into High Fashion

Singapore – (business wire) — In December 2022, FION launched the hottest IP “Avatar” series of products this year. According to James Cameron, director of Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide, Pandora’s animals and plants are huge and glow in the dark. A gorgeous world of avatars woven with threads of eight colors. The three-dimensional aquatic plants on the front are expressed using traditional horsetail embroidery techniques. Horsetail embroidery is a special craft that has been handed down by Chinese water tribe women for thousands of years. The process of horsetail embroidery is very complicated. It takes a skilled embroiderer with 20 years of experience over 10 hours to complete a piece the size of a child’s palm. The FION Avatar series is all by FION Art Studio, each FION Avatar handbag is created by skilled craftsmen with patience and dexterity at least 24 hours. Founded 40 years ago by the first generation of shoe craftsmen in Hong Kong, FION Art Studio brings together a talented group of artisans who love leather art and have 20 years of professional experience. Since its founding, FION has continued to focus on fine craftsmanship. An independent tannery owned by FION, the creative designers at FION Art Studio bring surprise after surprise to their customers.

Whether it’s the eco-friendly message of ‘Avatar’ or director James Cameron’s personal commitment to ecological sustainability, they are part of our company: Conservation, Nature, Fashion and Sustainable Development. in line with the brand spirit of As a well-known handbag brand in Asia, FION explores sustainable fashion and works with suppliers to use eco-friendly raw materials. In 2020, FION Eco-Friendly Jacquard Denim was announced after 3 years of discussion and trial and error on materials, colors, and weaving methods. Washable and environmentally friendly. In December of the same year, FION launched a series of oil paintings based on this fabric, which is widely loved by consumers. In 2021, FION will launch a representative series “Sustainable Project -JIN” that not only demonstrates the brand’s excellent craftsmanship, but also proposes further possibilities for sustainable fashion. In 2022, FION’s avatar series uses eco-friendly leather and thread, non-water wash denim, and eco-friendly jacquard denim. His FION avatar series as part of the JIN series combines nature, fashion and sustainable development.

FION was founded in 1979 as a fashion and premium brand of women’s handbags in the Asia Pacific region. Its product designs are inspired by fashion and art, adding variety and creativity to consumers’ lives. FION will continue to inject originality and ingenuity into product design. We strive to present aesthetic styles from around the world with sophisticated craftsmanship to enhance the brand’s appeal. The fashion brand “FION”, which proposes women’s happiness and a high-quality lifestyle, has released a series of highly anticipated handbags. Please stay tuned.

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