Frontier line thefts cause thousands in losses to Williamson W.Va. business

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Two companies are reporting losses as Frontier services are down for days.

Paul Price is CEO of Precision Heating, Cooling, and Electric. His one of his locations is on the west side of Williamson. Across the street, he said, as did the Appalachian Tire Company, two of which he said suffered heavy losses when calls were not accepted.

“All three of our phone lines are out of order. This has been an ongoing issue for a total of two and a half weeks since November and it is important that our customers are unable to contact us,” said Price. says Mr.

These lines are how customers contact Precision Heating, Cooling, and Electric. The 304-235-2000 number is well known in southern West Virginia, but employees on Third Ave cannot answer the phone.

That number and the company’s other numbers are connected to Frontier Services. Price said his losses were so great when internet and phone service began to go down in November that the company decided it needed to acquire internet service on a separate service in addition to his Frontier. bottom.

WSAZ has contacted Frontier about the outage.

A Frontier spokesperson said there have been at least three power outages in the area, and they were linked to the theft of copper from power lines.

Frontier said the issue was frustrating for the company because of a significant increase in copper theft in West Virginia. A Frontier spokesperson could not disclose what the company is doing to address the issue, but said the company is trying to find a solution and that the topic is a priority. increase.

Frontier says that every time a copper theft occurs, it is not something that can be easily fixed and it takes time to maintain.

“I don’t blame the company for the possibility that this kind of situation will continue,” Price said.

Appalachian Tires employees say the company is losing money because they have to turn away employees, card machines don’t work, and employees’ phones aren’t receiving any calls from customers. I’m here.

Frontier has not communicated with WSAZ about the timeline for recovery in this region.

Not only is the service outage frustrating for Price’s company, which relies on customer calls and doesn’t have the option of using alternative services in the area, Williamson’s small businesses and employers will lose thousands of dollars in service. means

Price says having a way to communicate is essential for small businesses that employ a significant number of people at Williamson.

For more information on Frontier services and how copper theft affects outages, click here. And for more Frontier details on copper theft, click here.

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