Harrisonburg business owner speaks on the importance of shopping small year round

HARRISONBURG, Virginia (WHSV) – Many people intend to shop at local businesses during the holidays, but business owners say small purchases should continue throughout the year.

Irina Dovganetskiy is the owner of Harrisonburg cosmetics store withSimplicity. She said that the holidays are not only a time to see many faces, but also an important season economically.

“The holiday season is very important for retail,” she said. “This is the last quarter to make up for the year.”

According to her, during the holidays there is a lot of traffic, but when the season is over it tends to calm down.

“In January, it slows down a bit. People have finished shopping, but we are still here and open for business,” said Dovganetskiy.

Becoming a patron of a local business not only benefits the business owner but also benefits the local community. She said about $0.68 goes back to the local economy for every dollar spent in local businesses, allowing business owners to give back.

“Local businesses donate to children’s fundraiser, basketball team and uniform fundraiser. We are who you come from and support every little thing to make our community I do,” she added.

Also, making small purchases allows staff and customers to create a more personal environment and foster relationships.

Dovganetskiy said what she loves about the Harrisonburg community is the friendly people and the way they support each other.

“We get to meet their spouses and children and it feels like you are a part of them,” she said.

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