Here Are the Exams ChatGPT Has Passed so Far

microbiology quiz

ChatGPT passed the college-level microbiology quiz.

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Science journalist and Big Think executive editor Alex Berezow tested ChatGPT with a 10-question microbiology quiz he devised.

Berezou, who also holds a PhD in microbiology, noted that the questions are suitable for final exams for university-level students. ChatGPT “blown away,” he writes Berezow.

As an example, Berezou asked:

“A patient in the emergency room complains of severe headache and neck stiffness. The doctor orders a spinal tap to obtain cerebrospinal fluid. What is your diagnosis?”

ChatGPT successfully responded to:

Based on the information you provided, Gram staining of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) shows the presence of Gram-negative diplococci, bacteria that are typically oval and occur in pairs. Consistent with the diagnosis of meningitis.

In another example he asked:

“What language is the point of Koch’s postulate?”

ChatGPT said:

Establish a causal relationship between microorganisms and disease.

Taking out the word “and”, Berezow said that ChatGPT “nailed down”.

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