Holt Business Alliance honors Holt Public Schools superintendent and educator

Holt, Michigan (WILX) – The The Holt Business Alliance congratulated Holt Public Schools Superintendent Dr. David Hornak and the district’s Secondary Education Program Director Lucas Schlauben for their efforts to support students and give back to their communities.

Hornak received the Ronald Van Ermen Legacy Award from the group at the January conference. The Alliance’s vice president, Pat Brown, noted Hornak’s unwavering leadership during difficult times over the past few years, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

The award is named after Ronald Van Elmen, who was an assistant superintendent of Holt Public Schools in the 1990s. He helped business rebuild his alliances to better bridge the gap between business, government and education. That vision remains the mission of the Alliance.

“Dr. Hornak selflessly participates in many community organizations to stay connected and provide insight when needed,” said Brown. “He was a great inspiration and his wisdom and compassionate leadership continue the legacy of Ron Van Elmen today.”

Schrauben has been named Holt Business Alliance Educator of the Year. The group noted that Schlauben is a graduate of Holt Public School and has dedicated his professional career to helping his students discover their own values, passions and purpose.

“Lukas Schlauben is dedicated to innovating, educating, and inspiring Holt Public students to become the next great leaders in our changing economy, whether robotics, aviation, construction, or countless other student opportunities. ,” Brown said. “We thank Holt for his continued dedication to our students and his community.”

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