How 1K broken fire hydrants across Detroit could be putting your home, business at risk

Detroit – With over 1,000 fire hydrants not working across Detroit, your home or business could be at risk.

Local 4 was able to access city records not open to the public and found 1,300 broken hydrants across the city. Hint, many people don’t work for trolls. The thief is after the brass thread of the fire hydrant and takes it to the scrapyard.

“I want my neighborhood to be safe. I want my hydrants to work,” said Detroit resident Jamel Cromwell.

Firefighters shared their frustration with Local 4 because 1,300 hydrants are not working.

After looking through several logs of reported broken hydrants, there were numerous reported cases each month.

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Here’s what Detroit’s Water and Sewer Commissioner Gary Brown has to say about the matter

Drew: How do fire hydrants go broke for months? Is it on your radar because you are?

brown: Yeah, it’s on our radar. I want to prioritize them and execute two or more inoperable blocks.

Drew: But when I’m sitting here talking to firefighter sources, I understand they’re saying that we’re fighting a fire, pull up to a hydrant, and can’t get water. What should I say to them? And what should these firefighters say to families expecting them to get water?

brown: What we tell them is to give them a tablet. A tablet on its way to a fire has operable and functioning hydrants and will know which ones are not working when it shows up at that fire station. to something.

Drew: Mr. Brown, I’d like to ask you, there are over 1000 things that aren’t working.

brown: 168 fixed within 30 days last week is acceptable.

Drew: So you plan to repair over 1,000 hydrants in the next 30 days?

brown: That’s my goal.

Drew: Well, it’s mid-January. If you come back after 30 days, you will see 1,000 fire hydrants.

brown: I assure you, my mayor will count on me much more than you do today.

Click here to report a broken fire hydrant in your neighborhood.

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