How the Business Platinum Card Can Help Scale Your Business

Growth and scaling are key goals as we look back into the new year companies of all sizesChallenges such as inflation, rapidly changing economic conditions, changing consumer priorities, sustained expansion and availability of talent can present obstacles to businesses looking to expand.

For growth, having the right business credit card can empower you as a business owner and your employees during difficult times.

of American Express Business Platinum Card® provides the tools and resources you need to grow your business, including travel rewards, partner rewards, card rewards and the power to manage your finances as your business grows.

Learn more about key benefits

  • Improve your business travel experience: The American Express Business Platinum Card includes hotel and airline benefits, travel insurance and reward opportunities to help you connect. It can help your business grow through employee retention and client interactions.
  • save on business services: Amex gives you $1,000+ in statement credits for business products and services from Adobe, Dell, Indeed, and more, plus wireless credits to help you run and grow your business.
  • Earn Membership Rewards® Points: Beat inflation by earning up to 1.5x points on select eligible purchases with the Business Platinum Card.

Expand business connections and retain employees with travel rewards

As you expand your business’ reach, it’s critical that your partners, clients, and employees stay connected regardless of distance. Facilitate collaboration and enable face-to-face interaction to stay competitive in the market.

For many companies, the need for face-to-face collaboration at meetings and events becomes even more important as many employees continue to work in remote and hybrid work environments.

Keycard benefits:

  • Earn 35% points up to 1,000,000 points per calendar year when you use Pay with Points on First Class or Business Class flights booked with American Express Travel.
  • Enjoy access to statement credits for eligible airline incidental charges, including Baggage Charges, Global Entry, TSA PreCheck and CLEAR memberships.
  • Enjoy the Amex Global Lounge Collection and the Fine Hotels + Resorts program.
  • Retain and reward your employees with the travel benefits of the Business Platinum Employee Card.

American Express offers great benefits for airlines, hotels and more to enhance your business travel experience. As an account holder, you can earn points on every qualifying purchase with your Business Platinum card and redeem them for flights, hotels and other benefits. Plus, when you use Pay with Points on First Class or Business Class flights booked with American Express Travel, you can earn 35% more points, up to a maximum of 1,000,000 points per calendar year.

The benefits for business owners don’t end there. The American Express Business Platinum Card gives you statement credit for airline ancillaries such as baggage charges, Global Entry, TSA PreCheck and CLEAR memberships, and gets you through airport security quickly and efficiently. Once through security, you’ll have access to over 1,400 lounges through our global lounge collection, so you can relax and get work done while on the move.

Even trip cancellations and delays don’t have to be a headache. Amex offers insurance against eligible travel delays, cancellations and interruptions. You can also earn Membership Rewards points that can be transferred to frequent flyer programs on multiple airlines.

Add American Express Employee Business Platinum Cards to your account to give yourself an edge in staying a rock star on your travels. Many employers want to retain top talent by offering competitive salaries and better employee benefits, but employees with the Business Platinum Employee Card and more Earn points and share some of your favorite premium travel rewards.

Cardmembers can travel in comfort with Amex’s Fine Hotels + Resorts program. In addition to staying at top-rated hotels, the program provides employees with perks such as breakfast, guaranteed late check-out at 4pm, and Experience His credits that can be used at facilities.

If approved, Employee Business Platinum Cardmembers will also enjoy access to the Global Lounge Collection, Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. Such travel benefits are a business advantage and facilitate travel for employees on the go. This can encourage employees to interact face-to-face and energize them to do their best with colleagues and clients.

Take advantage of business services with Amex

Leveraging business partnerships to provide the best possible service is key to supporting business growth. Expanding and scaling your business involves upgrading equipment, adding new software, hiring the best possible people, and finding new ways to automate tasks, all with cost in mind.

Keycard benefits:

Unlock over $1,000 in annual statement credits for select business services including:

  • Dell Technologies and Wireless Phone Service Statement Credits
  • Statement credit for select business subscription purchases at Adobe
  • Indeed Statement Credit for Recruitment and Employment Needs

The Business Platinum Card allows you to earn up to $400 in statement credit for US purchases at Dell Technologies, depending on your equipment needs. Amex also offers a $120 annual credit for wireless phone service. Registration required.

For Creative Services, Amex offers up to $150 annually toward eligible corporate annual prepaid subscription purchases at Adobe when using the Business Platinum Card. Registration required.

In addition, Amex will use up to $360 in Indeed statement credits to help give companies an edge in their recruiting efforts, giving companies access to job listings, candidate search, resume filtering, and more. to Registration required.

Inflation price management

We all know that the price of everything from travel to labor to raw materials is rising. Managing spending growth while avoiding or minimizing customer impact is a delicate balancing act that is essential for any growing business.

Supply chain and inflation issues need not hold back growth. With the Business Platinum Card, you’ll get value back on all eligible spend. This means that even as costs rise, card benefits give you the opportunity to subsidize other spending within your budget.

Keycard highlights:

  • Earn points on every eligible purchase and redeem them for statement credit for travel, business purchases and more
  • 1.5X points in certain categories, up to $2 million in purchases per calendar year
  • Offer points as a welcome bonus

The American Express Business Platinum Card earns Membership Rewards points for every eligible dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for statement credits, travel and hotel bookings, gift cards, charitable donations and more. You can use these rewards to cover your business expenses at retailers like Amazon, Staples, and GrubHub.

Plus, you can use points to cover travel expenses, or give your employees travel and gift cards to save money and reward your hardest working employees.

All qualifying purchases with the Business Platinum Card will earn at least 1 point for every dollar spent, but purchases in certain business categories will earn 1.5x points on purchases up to $2 million per calendar year. can be obtained. These categories include electronics and software services, tools and construction supplies, and shipping.

Once you have applied and been approved, you may be able to take advantage of a points offer as a welcome bonus, earning thousands of points as soon as you reach a certain amount spent. Such offers allow you to save and redeem your benefits instantly.

American Express Business Platinum Card: A Card That Grows Together

Running and growing a business is not easy, but it is certainly rewarding. Finding the right business credit card to scale opens opportunities and allows you to build lifelong relationships with financial partners who can meet your business’s unique needs.

The American Express Business Platinum Card offers great travel and lodging benefits, connecting you to your employees and offices without the need for regular transportation. Reinvest in your business and reward your employees by adding an Employee Business Platinum Card.

American Express has been considered one of the best companies and card providers for businesses, and for good reason. With exclusive travel perks, competitive bonuses and flexible payment options, the card may just be the starting point your business needs to start its growth journey.

Find out more at and Ready to grow your business. Terms apply.

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