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Aspiring MBA students can use social media to connect with friends, explore interests, and even catch up on the latest events. But it can also be used as a tool in the business school selection process.

Like other organizations, universities use social media channels to share work, promote achievements, and highlight outstanding individuals. Experts say business schools keep potential applicants in mind when creating content.

Social media is “a great way to showcase our brand to prospective students and find out what’s going on in our school day-to-day,” says Stacy Blackman, former senior associate director at an MBA admissions consulting firm. Consulting’s Joanna Zisis said. The number of her MBA admissions at the University of Chicago Booth her School of Business.

Business school and prospective engagement is a two-way street, experts say, encouraging MBA candidates to explore social media channels offered by schools of interest.

“Social media is a tool of connection, so it’s really important that students use social media channels as a means of communicating with business schools,” Business International wrote in an email.

Photos and videos that business schools post to apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok can give applicants a glimpse into campus life, assess student values ​​and interests, and assess suitability. . This is the “magic word” of the college selection process. Tracy Couto is an Assistant Professor at Le Moyne College Madden School of Business in New York and co-founder of IgnitEd. IgnitEd is her web platform that connects faculty with educational resources and research opportunities, with a focus on value-based business education.

Prospective students can also use social media channels to see which business schools are adapting to changes in the business world, says Beck-Dudley.

“It’s important for students to make sure the school stays up to date on the latest research, news and ideas in the industry,” she says. “Students want to go to schools that best prepare them to work in the business world, so schools need to be ready to show their business connections.”

B-school aspirants can make the most of social media by being creative. Here are four tips for connecting with business schools on social media.

  • Explore different platforms.
  • Look for student group channels.
  • contact individuals.
  • Look good.

Explore different platforms

While apps like Facebook have been a mainstay in the social media world for years, others like TikTok are newer. Business schools use a variety of channels to reach a wide net.

“We have seen schools using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat, We Chat, as well as YouTube and Vimeo for video marketing,” Beck-Dudley said. increase.

Prospective students can benefit from checking out many channels as different channels offer different features to the school. for example, University of Texas McCombs Business School — Austin uses Twitter to share the accomplishments of alumni and professors, while the business school’s YouTube page has a virtual tour.

Find Student Group Channels

Prospective students looking to learn more about business schools through social media channels should not limit themselves to looking at only the school’s primary accounts. Student groups often create their own pages to provide insight into student interests, he said.

This is the case at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. The school’s Instagram account, @michiganross, posts photos and clips of alumni, student events, and campus locations. This account follows student group accounts that highlight student interests, including the Alternative Investment Club (@umichaic), the African Business Club (@abc.ross), and the Maize and Brew Club (@ross_maizeandbrew). and thanks to Beer,” reads the club’s Campus Group webpage.

contact the individual

Your school’s social media manager may not have the answers to some of the questions prospective applicants may have, but other school personnel who are active on social media may.

“If prospective students reach out to me on LinkedIn or any other social media site, I will definitely reply and answer any questions they may have,” says Coote.

Since student group accounts tend to be student-run, prospective applicants can use messages to learn more about the group directly from members, Zisis said.

make it look good

Just as business schools need to make sure that they represent themselves honestly to prospective applicants, the opposite is also true.

“It goes both ways,” says Zisis. “Be mindful of how you use your social media channels and how you brand yourself.”

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