Iowa business to open facility in Fairfax to recycle wind turbine blades

Fairfax, Iowa (KCRG) – New Iowa business REGEN Fiber has opened a new facility in Fairfax where it plans to recycle blades from wind turbines, ultimately keeping them out of landfills. to

The company, which is owned by Travero, says it has created a patent-pending process tested at its Des Moines facility to convert decommissioned wind turbine blades into reusable materials for use in the concrete and mortar industry. said.

The company also said its process is an environmentally friendly method of disposing of turbine blades that does not involve releasing combustion by-products into the atmosphere.

This material has been described as a reinforcing fiber that contributes strength and durability to paving, precast products, slab-on grades, etc.

Director of Business Development at Travero Jeff Woods said it’s just the right time to enter the market as more and more turbines are reaching the end of their life in the growing wind industry.

“Recycling the blades without the use of heat or chemicals while avoiding landfills and incineration supports the sustainability goals of both the wind industry and the customers receiving the recycled products,” said Wood Press. stated in the release.

REGEN Fiber’s new manufacturing facility in Fairfax is being built on a block of Alliant Energy’s Big Cedar Industrial Center next to Logistics Park Cedar Rapids in Travero.

The facility is expected to open in the second half of this year, allowing it to begin large-scale commercial-scale operations.

The new facility is expected to recycle more than 30,000 tons of shredded turbine blade material per year, according to the company.

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