Joe Burrow’s Business As Usual Bengals Go On Road To Court NFL First

“It was fun. Guy is hard to get away with. He’s big and strong and fast,” Burrow said.

But there was also good news. Tight end Hayden Hurst (calf) and cornerback Tre Flowers (hamstring) are completely injured and no one remains injured.

For Taylor, it was an opportunity to give a shout out to Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Joey Bose and First Year Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer Matt Summers. The only team to have played the same number of games as the Bengals in the first two seasons of their 17-game schedule is the 49ers, who have returned to the NFC title.

Although he suffered more serious injuries this year than last year, his winning streak and two-year record of 27-12 was the result of intensive monitoring of GPS numbers by Bose and his assistants Garrett Swanson and Todd Hunt. It confirms that

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure we get through everything, and it starts with Joey, Matt Summers, Garrett Swanson, Todd Hunt, and they’re doing an amazing job in sports science. “Jammer (Chase) and Tee (Higgins) were left out of Super Bowl practice last Thursday because they were at their limits.” I wanted you to stay.

“We do training camp exercises around the soft tissue to make sure the training camps are done, do the physical work that is required, and make sure our members are healthy, to avoid all these injuries. They’re not nagging injuries for the season.That part of the staff is… I think you’ve done a great job as well as “Okay, how’s it going in January. What happens, happens.” Even yesterday Joey wrote numbers on my desk. ”

What GPS may not have is Barrow’s pulse. But he’s noticed the Chiefs are picking up the pace on defense with rookies like Edge’s George Karlafutis. The secondaries caught his eye, especially rookie cornerbacks Trent McDuffie and Jaylen Watson.

“I’m impressed with how their rookies are playing. You can see they’ve improved a lot over the course of the season. They’re healthier and better players in planning and technique,” Burrow said. “And their D-line is destructive, and you can see they’re well-trained and sound in everything they do.”

“Both of their rookie corners are getting better week after week. You can see they put a lot of effort into what they’re doing. They’re two of the better corners I’ve played. ”

The ping-pong ball popped and popped. Music went through walls. Rookie cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt is back in the locker. A $20 bill was taped to it as a reminder that there was “money on the ground.”

It was 9-5, four quarters from the big one. Someone asked Joey Frost about Saturday’s flight schedule.

“I’m almost done with my film studies,” Burrow said. “Sometimes I play Super Smash Bros. on the plane. It’s always fun.”

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