Local business owners donate earnings to create college scholarships

North Augusta, South Carolina (WRDW/WAGT) – For some businesses, making money is probably their number one priority.

For North Augusta’s vampire penguins, making money means sending local kids to college.

Presenting the first check was a great feeling for Jack and Judi Poole.

“It was really the culmination of our dream.

The Pooles have retired after 35 years of service. They took ownership of North Augusta’s Vampire Penguins about a year ago.

They moved to CSRA just to run this business.

“We’ve managed our pensions well, so I’m not worried about anything like that. I just wanted something that I could keep giving back over and over again. This is the best.” I felt there was a way to do it,” they said.

The Pooles have pledged to donate 100% of the proceeds to vocational school scholarships.

“We wanted something that could generate scholarships on an ongoing basis, and a small business that we thought would be perfect,” they said.

They donated $25,000 to Aiken Tech in December, but Pools says it’s just the beginning.

“As long as we own this business and make it profitable, we will continue to pour our profits into scholarships. That’s what the store is for,” Pooles said.

Mr. and Mrs. Pooles say the money will help pay for students’ tuition, books and transportation.

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