Marquette’s new business school building opens for students

Milwaukee — Marquette University has a brand new business school building at 16 Wisconsin, the old home of McCormick Hall.

This new building marks a historic moment for Marquette and is the university’s largest all-funded construction project.

The Dr. EJ and Margaret O’Brien Hall building is a $60 million facility, with every dollar coming from donors.

Tuesday was the first day of classes for Marquette students at the new business school.

TMJ4’s Charles Benson got his first look inside.

If you want to educate the business leaders of tomorrow, why not invite them to join us in our new facility that represents the future?


Tuesday was the first day for students at Marquette University’s new business school building, O’Brien Hall.

“It really adapts to the learning environment and the kind of social interaction you want, and it’s very open,” said Katherine Taphorn, a student at Marquette.

Taphorn and student Charlieu Hua are all discussing their new spaces, including the Baird Applied Investment Management Lab, which provides real-time stock and business news.

“It’s very similar to a real trading floor in Chicago or New York,” Hua said.



The Dr. EJ and Margaret O’Brien Hall building is a $60 million facility, with every dollar coming from donors.

In addition to feeling like you’re on the stock exchange floor, students can actually control the college’s nearly $3 million in funds and make big decisions about buying and selling stocks.

“We have these weekly offers, so we’re always buying and selling stocks every week,” Hua said. “So I’m adding it to my portfolio.”

Dean Dean Tim Hanley at the College of Business Administration is as excited as the students.

In a competitive environment that recruits college students, Hanley has already made a difference.

Benson asked, “How does this building intersect with those goals?”

“Over the past year, we have seen a 40% increase in freshman classes,” Hanley said.

Hanley says he uses 360 camera technology in his classroom.

“We know we need to design services that can be delivered in person or remotely,” he said.

and provide results to students on the first day of class.

“Even in the two classes I took today, there were many small business rooms that could be reserved for joint meetings with group project members,” says Taphorn.

An early return on a large investment in your community.

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