Miss Manners: I’m irritated my grandfather shorted my 13-year-old son


dear lady manners: My 13-year-old son works in the garden mowing. he started his own business. He uses his birthday and Christmas money to buy his own equipment and uses his money and savings in separate accounts to store his business funds. He bases his prices on the cost of fuel and the cost of parts and equipment such as herbicide strings.

Some of his clients are great-grandparents on his mother’s side who are willing to pay what he bills. rice field. When his son said, “Ten dollars,” Peepaw immediately said, “Ten dollars? Five dollars please,” and gave him five dollars.

My son is respectful and doesn’t give back stories, but I’m a little annoyed. Am I saying something wrong? Is it wrong for my son to refuse to help in the future?

because you’re my son Already business savvy, you can teach him one of the most important rules. Don’t mix business with family.

As his career seems to be progressing well, he may be able to stop serving his family, or make it a free service in exchange for a good letter of recommendation. Miss Manners assures him that the earnings he initially lost will be compensated for by his ability to ignore his strong opinions, which he no longer feels obligated to agree with.

dear lady manners: I recently married a lovely gentleman who volunteers with the local Boy Scout Troop. A few weeks after the wedding, I attended a Scout family function with him. I was sitting among a group of friends and strangers cheering on a group of boys attending a ceremony with their mothers.

A strange woman leaned over me and said,

I realized that my belly was definitely not flat and this lady thought I was already pregnant.

A friend later told me it was very rude to embarrass a woman like I did. Was I wrong and rude? Miss Manners, can you suggest a better way to tell someone that my body type and my family planning is not their business?

This is an answer to the woman’s question, not whether Miss Manners can suggest anything. Yes, she may wonder if the variable is that you aren’t pregnant or if you don’t want your future child to be a Boy Scout. It’s a fair price to pay for

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