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work: Moniza Abbasi

address: 2035 S. Washington Street, Naperville

Phone/Website: 630-669-0652,

Owner: Aurora’s Moniza Abbasi, 41

Years in business: 2.5 years

what does your business do? “I do permanent makeup. I have microblading, lip blush, and eyeliner. All of these are semi-permanent, except permanent eyeliner. They fade over time, so they’re semi-permanent. It’s , it’s not a tattoo where you get it and you stick to it,” Abbasi said.

Why was your business named after you? “My husband[James Walter III]said, ‘Your name is cool. Just follow it.

How long does the eyeliner last? “It’s permanent. It will literally last forever. … There are several different styles. The most natural is called eyelash enhancement.”

what about lip blush? “It’s a semi-permanent lipstick. It’s like a lip tint. It lasts three to five years. It can be a darker or lighter shade.”

what’s popular? “It’s like nude or something like what I do. There are different shades. You go more pink. It depends on what the client wants.”

Is it because of your complexion? “It depends. There’s a process called lip neutralization. If you have darker lips and want them lighter and brighter. They’re more gray, purple, or blue. Neutralize them for a more natural shade.” I can.

“Speaking of lip blush, it’s almost like a tattoo. It doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin. We stay on the bottom layer of your skin’s first layer.”

The first step in microblading is to create the brow size and shape that the customer is looking for.

What is the impact? “It’s life-changing for a lot of people, especially when it comes to eyebrows.”

Is it microblading? “Yes. Some people come here without eyebrows. The dye will be injected while you are there.”

What happens if someone comes in? “First, they show me a picture. How they apply their eyebrows, their preferred thickness, shape, color, etc. It depends on how they do it, and if I agree with it, I say, ‘This is great.’ We can make your eyebrows look like this. His hour of the appointment is spent mapping the eyebrows to make sure the shape is perfect. If you are off it is very dramatic. Before my eyebrows were done, my left eyebrow was taller than my right eyebrow…. I only had my eyebrows (completed).

what’s next? “Match the eyebrow color to the roots…that’s what looks most natural. I have to.”

What if someone said, “I want so-so eyebrows”? can you do that? “We go with what fits your face. It’s an unrealistic expectation for a client to say, ‘I want my brows to look like this.’ But you can say, ‘I want my brows fuller, I want my brows to be taller, I want my brows to be shaped’. ”

How much does the procedure cost? Abbasi says the microblading, lip blush, and eyeliner all start at $500 base price. The price, she said, could be as high as $800, depending on the number of sessions required.

do you like your job “I really enjoy it.”

Moniza Abbasi of Naperville has a wide range of shades to choose from when it comes to semi-permanent lip blushes.

How fast do I see results? “It’s not instant. You can do eyebrows, but it takes six to eight weeks to heal for them to look natural.”

how did you get into this “I’m a lifelong artist, picking and pursuing whatever intrigues me. I’ve wanted to microblade my eyebrows for a long time. I took a class.”

what’s your favorite story? “The woman who had her eyebrows done elsewhere was a mess and a disaster. She was married in October. She came to me in June. I was able to trim her eyebrows before….was a challenge.She was my first straightener…she raves about it to everyone.

Future Plans? “Maybe not a salon suite, but I’d love to have my own unit. I’m going to train others.”

Any advice for people starting a business? “Get the best training, education. To be successful, you need to know what you’re doing.”

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