Nebraska Deer and Game Expo bulks up business at home

LINCOLN, Nebraska (KLKN) — Outdoor enthusiasts from the Midwest visited the Lancaster Events Center to celebrate all things hunting.

From food to utility vendors, we were waiting to find something around the corner.

Luke Wallace, vendor lead for Whitetail Properties Real Estate, said there are a huge number of vendors selling this year.

“You’ll find things you didn’t know you needed,” says Wallace.

Wallace says the expo shows are a great place for newcomers to find something of interest.

“We are happy to talk to anyone about anything,” he said. “We love to hear from people about us.”

Many of the vendors exhibiting at this year’s expo were based locally and took pride in keeping their business and finances at the forefront.

Marty Weverka of the Big Game Conservation Association said it’s great to hear from others about their accomplishments.

“It’s always nice to hear that you’ve improved something in the state, and they’ve come to enjoy it,” Weverka said.

Weverka works at the Expo to show a different side of hunting. Protection of lands inhabited by big game.

“I have met people [here] We’ve seen our habitat projects statewide,” he said.

This year’s expo featured a variety of hands-on activities for all ages, in line with the theme of inspiring others with entertainment.

Visitors could listen to a hunting seminar or try out an archery competition that tests both skill and knowledge.

Event organizer Chris Edwards said both events drew large numbers of people.

“You can get a lot of information about the hunting season by going to seminars,” he said.

Edwards said a wide variety of new products were on display, with each vendor bringing something different to the expo.

The fair may be over, but many vendors are open seasonally and year-round. This can be found on the expo website.

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