North Miami Beach commission at standstill, unable to conduct city business

Miami – The path to urban business in North Miami Beach remains unclear. The mayor wants to fire the city’s lawyer and manager.

Meanwhile, the three commissioners support the city attorney’s position that Mayor Anthony DeFilipo “automatically vacated the job.”

The City Council is stuck and unable to conduct city business.

“This meeting is not legal,” said city attorney Hans Ottinot.

“You are broken. Lawyer, you are broken,” said DeFilipo.

Mayor Anthony DeFilipo blocks city attorney Hans Otinot from taking a legal position.

“Sir, you are at odds. There are four votes cast to fire you,” DeFilipo, who presides over the meeting, said.

Defilipo tells Ottinot that all four sitting on the pedestal want him fired.

At the same time, Ottinot tries to tell him that the commission DeFillipo has already ended. Instead, Ottinot walks away, unable to express a legal opinion.

The mayor first calls his personal attorney, Michael Pizzi. Pizzi told the committee Tuesday morning that he had issued an emergency injunction to the court to change the charter ordinance.

“This mayor and council will meet with a four-person majority,” Pizzi said.

Rules now state that North Miami Beach cannot hold a committee meeting without at least five current members.

Only 4 people were present. Discussion and public comment took place on Tuesday.

Mackenzie Fleurimond said: “This meeting and all of the business traded was illegal.

Fleurimondo was one of three commissioners who did not attend. His stance is that the mayor automatically vacated the seat based on legal findings from outside counsel supported by city attorneys.

A 43-page memo issued to the commission states that DeFilipo was unable to maintain residency in North Miami Beach.

“I have attended a meeting that he should not be chairing. I have decided not to attend,” Fleurimon added.

“Tony DeFilipo should not be involved in any matter involving him. At that point, I think it becomes a conflict.”

“I live in North Miami Beach. I always do,” says DeFillipo.

The Charter Ordinance calls for automatic dismissal if his principal residence is outside the city.

Our research efforts cast doubt on that. According to the voting records we have, DeFillipo sold her North from her Miami Beach home in 2021, and she voted three times in 2022.

DeFillipo purchased a $1.2 million home in Davie last July, according to real estate records.

CBS4’s Joe Gorchow told DeFillipo:

“I own property,” DeFillipo replies.

Gochou then said, “Your family lives there and Mayor, are you living in the Eastern Shores away from your family? Can you answer if you voted?”

“I have already answered your question,” said DeFilipo.

He offered one explanation for owning Davey’s house.

“I’m an investor. I invest in real estate. They assume I live in real estate, but I don’t.”

Commissioner Fleurimont said he will not attend committee meetings if the mayor continues to preside over the committee.

Both sides are considering legal options on how to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, city businesses hit a brick wall.

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