Nunya Business Wins The Da Hui Backdoor Shootout

Absolute slaughter.

Today is the final day of the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout and there are no winners. After two surfers were sent to his ER, the condition of one was still unknown and it didn’t seem fitting to declare him champion. Our condolences to Kara Grace, Makua Rothman and Billy Kemper who suffered event-ending injuries. There were countless waves of winter candidates today and yesterday. A proper pipeline with a weird backdoor drain. The brain is still processing what happened. For now, Nunya Business is the de facto champion, and hopefully stays that way until we have our thoughts together by tomorrow morning.


  • Waves: Double Overhead Pipeline with pinky end sections in what many call the best conditions of the season.
  • Multiple injuries: Kara Grace was unconscious and dragged out of the water, and the water safety abandoned her skis, leaving her head above the water. At the wipeout his helmet was removed from his head and the event was temporarily put on hold.
  • Kelly Slater put on the show, thereby throwing a bit of sunshine between him and a bunch of top pipe guys. and panache. At 50 years old, his best days are still the same.
  • An informative broadcast discussing Hawaiian history and culture, including the brutal death of Captain Cook at the hands of Native Hawaiians, colonization, and the historical role of surfing in maintaining social order.Dr. Isaiah Walker and Ezra Rodriguez, Gentlemen/Scholars, I give you helmets
  • Mike Ho, 66, took off under a ledge and hit the end section. I’m curious what kind of literature he rides to keep his huge testicles afloat.

great contest. Big names, incredible terms, informative commentary. The only drawback was the score, which was impossible to track. Without them, it’s hard to know what the stakes are or understand what’s being rewarded. jersey too? YouTube livestream conspiracy theorists believe Vans’ Triple Crown regulations are to blame. More design possibilities. It’s a grassroots vibe.

Standout performances include Kelly Slater, Kara Grace, Benji Bland, Eimeo Chermak and Clay Marzo. We’re probably missing some, but we all got skitt tubes today. Also, the commentary team and North Shore lifeguards were picking up corpses from the reef in nearly every heat. An enviable job that sometimes has to bear incredible stress/trauma. If you see someone, get a banzai bowl.


Just no jersey and score updates. I like how simplified the format is, but the stakes/scores are good for the audience. It helps explain masochism.

We will let you know as soon as we know the results.

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