Patrick Mahomes business ownership: Chiefs QB counts Whataburger, Royals, Sporting KC among investments

Patrick Mahomes, who signed the biggest contract in NFL history, is a filthy rich man, among others.

It brings its perks. Mahomes has worked with many blue-chip brands over the course of his career, including State Farm and Head and Shoulders.

Brand trading is one thing, but would you ever own a stake in a brand? Well, that’s real capital.

And Mahomes has a lot.

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The Chiefs quarterback has acquired companies ranging from food chains to sports franchises. Already paid big dividends.

What businesses does Patrick Mahomes own?

After signing a $450 million contract extension in 2020, Mahomes has made a series of investments in local and national franchises. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

Wata Burger

Few things represent the Lone Star State more than a delicious burger. Mahomes should know. Not only is he from Texas. But he also bought some serious stakes in Whataburger, a Texas-based fast-food restaurant that specializes in burgers and fries. seems to be making an impact. The company plans to open his 30 locations in the Kansas City area by 2027.

Kansas City Royals

As the son of a former MLB player, baseball has always been in Mahomes’ DNA. And while he hasn’t quite followed in his father’s Pat footsteps, he’s maintained a serious interest in the sport that’s why he’s set to join his adopted hometown MLB team in 2020. purchased a minority stake in

“I am honored to be a co-owner of the Kansas City Royals. I love this city and the people of this wonderful town,” Mahomes said in a statement.

Mahomes is believed to have invested $10 million in the Royals. This is one way he strengthens his connection with the community.

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Sporting KC

Mahomes has since added a few more sporting aspects to his repertoire, joining Sporting Kansas City’s ownership group for 2021. The MLS club has yet to accomplish much since Mahomes bought the stake. But given its fairly new stadium and knownly passionate fanbase, don’t be surprised if SKC are pushed onto the league table sooner or later.

Kansas City Current

Mahomes isn’t the only member of the family to throw bread to help the local sports team. In fact, his wife Brittany, a former college student and professional soccer player, will become co-owner of the NWSL’s expanded Kansas City franchise in 2021.

Mahomes quickly dropped his support for the club and joined the franchise’s ownership group in January 2023. In doing so, he became an active NFL player with a stake in his NWSL side.

In a statement, Brittany Mahomes said, “I am so excited to make this a family affair and to have Patrick on board as an owner. He has been a huge supporter behind the scenes. His passion for the present is undeniable. Regardless, I’m delighted to have him with us as we continue our journey to becoming the best in NWSL.”

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air share

Mahomes is something of an expert in aerial dominance. So it’s no surprise that he’s privately invested in his jet, his provider’s AirShare as well. This is a partnership that will give Mahomes plenty of room to breathe, allowing him to use a private aircraft at his leisure.

hyper ice

As a professional athlete, nothing is more important than recovery. Mahomes has remained fairly fit throughout his career. He owes much to his commitment to getting proper medical care after his fights.

So Mahomes throws his bags into something he’s passionate about. HyperIce is a recovery and performance technology brand partnered with global stars such as Ja Morant, Naomi Osaka and Amanda Nunes. Mahomes will join her HyperIce team in 2020. The company’s current valuation is his $700 million.


What do Patrick Mahomes and Kevin Durant have in common? Not only are they the best players in their respective sports and pillars of their communities, they also share a business relationship. Mahomes and Durant are one of a group of athletes invested in Whoop, a human performance company that makes fitness trackers. He is valued at over $3 billion.

Patrick Mahomes career stats

As per celebrity net worth, Mahomes net worth is $40 millionFor the 27-year-old, that’s not a bad thing. Given his various business holdings and the flashy nature of his contracts, the value seems endless. That number is expected to grow in the coming years.

Patrick Mahomes Career Earnings

According to Spotrac, Mahomes had his hair ragged. $75 million his career so far.But if he looks at all of his 10-year contract extensions, Mahomes $491 million from salary only. It’s a lot of zeros before getting to his endorsements and investments.

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