PawnTrust Set to Revolutionize PawnShop Business

Atlanta, January 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PawnTrust revolutionizes the way pawn shops do business ($DWIS) has launched a new tool for website pawn scanning. This tool collects data to create a platform that lists verified and active pawn brokers across the country.

This tool, PawnScan, allows PawnTrust to achieve its primary goal of providing public access to reputable online platforms to pawn or sell items. PawnTrust was the first company to bring to market this innovative bidding process specifically for pawn shops.

If a consumer chooses to pawn or sell an item, PawnTrust makes that process easier and faster than ever thought possible. In fact, PawnTrust’s API process is a first in the pawn industry.

Through PawnTrust’s API process, anyone wishing to pawn or sell an item submits a snapshot/picture of the item to the PawnTrust Marketplace. The PawnTrust Marketplace has over 7,825 verified pawnshops with opportunities to offer items. All offers will be live in his 5 minute window of the transaction. All transactions are private between the pawnbroker and the consumer.

PawnTrust’s API intelligence platform connects pawn shop data from thousands of sources across the United States, serving millions of Americans. The platform allows nationwide access to get results quickly and eliminates the need to search for nearby pawn shops.

The PawnTrust API provides a customer-centric experience to users and helps them save time by pawning or selling items within minutes without leaving their homes. This will digitally revolutionize the industry in the same way that the market is on the verge of expansion by turning it into a pawn shop market where people pawn or sell on a decentralized trust mechanism.

PawnTrust will be live by the second quarter of 2023.

For more information about PawnTrust, please visit

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