Pentagon Seeks to Advance Category Management Practices Adoption to Meet Small Business Goals

The Department of Defense’s Office of the Undersecretary for Procurement and Maintenance has released a memorandum of understanding calling on elements of the Department of Defense to meet small business goals. Category management best practices.

Implementation of category management practices and Tier 2 Spend Under Management credits encourages small disadvantaged enterprises and other socio-economic microenterprises to participate in DOD procurement initiatives, according to a memo signed on Friday. may help encourage

The Pentagon’s Office of Acquisitions said the use of best-in-class contracts should not hinder the ability of Pentagon components to meet their socioeconomic small business goals.

The memo also informs DoD offices and agencies of their ability to secure automatic Tier 2 SUM credits for all contract awards to small socio-economic businesses.

This credit can be applied to small business contracts set aside to increase small business participation. This is now being tracked under the new Tier 2 – Small Socio-Economic category,” the memo read. “This will facilitate the pursuit of the best acquisition strategies to maximize rewards for socio-economic SMEs.”

Earlier this month, the Department of Defense released a strategy outlining three goals for expanding the sector’s partnerships with small businesses as part of its efforts to maximize the potential of its small business industrial base.

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