Potawatomi Business Development Corp. to establish downtown Milwaukee office

833 East building, 833 E. Michigan St. (Photo credit: Irgens)

of Potawatomi Business Development Corporation is expanding its real estate presence, both literally and figuratively.

business development department Potawatomi Community, Forest County, Wisconsinannounced Friday that it has signed a new lease for 18,357 square feet of office space. 833 East Michigan An office building in downtown Milwaukee.

The new space accommodates the growth of PBDC subsidiaries such as construction management companies. Green Fire Management ServiceWgema Leasing and its new electric vehicle (EV) business unit, said in a press release on Friday, as well as expanding its real estate development group of companies.

“This office expansion not only prepares for the expected growth among several of our subsidiaries, but also marks an important milestone for our company and our owner, the Forest County Potawatomi community, which coincides with our 20th anniversary. PBDC said, “We are pleased to establish a strong presence in Milwaukee’s Central Business District. It further demonstrates our commitment and dedication to being an active and involved part of the community.” Thing.”

Mark Irgens, the company that develops and owns the 88 East Michigan Building at 833 E. Michigan St., said: We are high quality occupiers that further enhance358,962 square feet, 18-story Class A office building.

Irgens, CEO of Irgens, said:

PBDC will maintain office space in the Bgemagen building on the Wgema campus west of Milwaukee, where it has been headquartered since 2011. The space at 833 East Michigan will house Sagewind Development, PBDC’s new real estate group, PBDC’s retail operations, and the company’s EV business unit.

“We are now witnessing tremendous growth opportunities and are well-positioned to leverage each business unit in a complementary way.

PBDC launched Sagewind Development to focus on developing in Southeast Wisconsin and capitalize on opportunities among other subsidiaries. The firm is led by Andy Wiegman, his 20-year veteran in the commercial real estate industry.

PBDC Retail is led by David Lloveras, who previously spent over 30 years in the convenience/retail industry. PBDC currently operates a travel center location in Crandon and Carter, Wisconsin, is finalizing prototypes of future stores, and has identified locations to grow along high-traffic corridors across the state. .

The EV business unit was launched last summer and Dan Montagu is the company’s director of strategy. The company is dedicated to researching and deploying products in the emerging electric vehicle technology space to establish a suite of commercially viable initiatives and products, the press release said.

“With big plans for the next decade, we believe the opportunity to expand our office presence to include the Near West Side and downtown Milwaukee is a big step forward for us,” said Mueller. says.

Established as an economic development and income diversification enterprise of the Forest County Potawatomi Community (FCPC), PBDC currently employs more than 1,000 people nationwide.

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