Rash of robberies in Park Slope have business owners on edge

New York — The smash-and-grab heist in Brooklyn is just the latest in a series of reported robberies on 7th Avenue in Park Slope.

On Sunday, Faceted Jewelry became a crime scene.

“It was 20 minutes. It was 38 seconds. It felt like a lifetime,” said owner Irina Srey.

Slay was inside with his employees and customers.

“It’s really sad that we let him in. We wanted to make sure everyone felt comfortable in the store, but unfortunately we were definitely taken advantage of,” Srey said. rice field.

She handcrafted all the stolen jewelry.

Just a few weeks ago, thieves tried to break into the AT&T store next door after hours.

Employee Mursaline Rasul said, “They knew exactly where to knock on the door to get inside, so they’re perfectly trained.”

But they couldn’t open the safe in the back room. So they tried to break in again a few days later.

“What we want is more cops to watch the neighborhood. If you want to work here, if you want to live here, you need to feel safe, so just walk around, right?” Rasol said. rice field.

People in the community say businesses aren’t the only ones being targeted.

A Park Slope resident said, “People just come in, tear up all the packages, steal something, and walk away.

This is a concern for many who say they have never felt the need to be vigilant.

“We leave strollers and other valuables outside. Of course, boxes and things are available, so I’m obviously worried about hearing about that.”

At the nearby Green Olive Deli, robberies have been a problem since childhood.

“Anything they want to steal, hide it in a blind spot where the camera can’t see it, and cover it with another one so they can steal it. It starts with nice kids, they want,” said owner Abdul Magid.

It’s not just happening at these stores. A short distance away is another store that was broken into last year. In both cases, the thieves have taken away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and in both cases have not been apprehended.

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