Raw recap & reactions (Jan. 9, 2023): Hurt Business picks up

Welcome to the never-ending show. Despite the recent unfortunate news regarding WWE and one old man, royal rumble Seasons are always fun. So let’s get started in earnest this week. We hope to see some exciting WWE TV between now and that fateful Saturday night in San Antonio.

As usual, Claire covers all the play-by-play. I’m here for a color analysis without any Corey Graves baggage!

Hurt Business PT. 2!

Bobby Lashley is back this week. In fact, he did it during a promotion between Seth Rollins and Austin Theory, and both men officially entered the Royal Rumble. but decimated the theory and made Rumble’s intentions clearer than the white crystal. cool. right?

not really. The coolest thing happened later. Byron Paxton tried to interview Lashley, but the MVP interrupted and said the two men had “business” to talk about.

Well, in case you missed it, we got a few Heart Business teasers over the past few weeks. A reorganization of the group seems inevitable. But thankfully, rather than putting the four men together in their best suits yet again, WWE is putting together an actual storyline for this thing: MVP and Bobby chopped up like men. The MVP apologized for his transgression and told Lashley: he He convinced Adam Pierce to bring Lashley back, and repaired the fence with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. MVP says “this” works best when they are all on the same page.

But Lashley isn’t ready to forget it all, although he appreciates MVP stepping in on his behalf. At least not yet. And it makes sense! MVP and his Omos made Lashley’s life a living hell for months. MVP called Lashley anything but a child of God and betrayed their brotherhood out of jealousy for her.

that is many.

A long-standing friendship thrown away in the limelight doesn’t just come back for one solid favor. I’m looking forward to the plot machinations that get him to where he’s done, but this is the right call for now.

One of the reasons the pedigree stuff works so well for me is because they’re all treated like humans with human emotions. If WWE treats everyone involved in this Hurt Business retaliation the same, we want a reward.

extracurricular activities

more blood

Kevin Owens is who I am now. Looking down, dejected, wondering why he’s listening to Baron Corbin in 2023. royal rumbleOwens’ victory was academic with that in mind, so the real story was the aftermath. I made a deal.

Great to see KO do their best here, beating Usos and Solo Sikoa on steel chairs. Adam Pearce is still the worst person at his job, stopping all the pranks, but clearly has trouble maintaining any kind of order when it comes to bloodlines.

Sure, he sent Jimmy and Jay home for the night and issued a stern warning to KO, but I need an authority figure with a few more teeth. Even when they showed up and celebrated with Solo after defeating Dolph Ziggler!

Match aside, it was good, but Barron didn’t do anything. Raw.

do you feel responsible?

Alexa Bliss? Meet Uncle Howdy. I like the core part of Alexa’s story where she fights for her agency and her recognition while someone else, presumably a man, tries to keep it away from her. Not literally. At least not yet.After the commentary team told us that Bianca Blair was back at her house recovering from what Alexa last did to her face. Raw Mr. Bliss picked up the microphone.

Alexa said Bianca may be the champion, but she’s standing, so this feels the best she’s had in years. As such, used some Brayism and called himself the Face of Evil. This is not about Bray or Howdy. This is about her and she is in control.

At this point, Howdy was on the big screen, interspersed with old footage of Alexa from Harley Quinn to Bray Wyatt’s Joker, and spooky playground footage.seriously since are you afraid of the dark An empty playground with a slowly swinging swing set will always score 100 on a 1-10 spooky scale.

The weirdest part of the segment came at the end, with Howdy showing up at the entrance and Alexa standing in the ring…and then on to the commercials. , when something like that happens it bugs and not only does it go commercial, but when the show resumes, no one acknowledges it.

That said, I hope Alexa brings back her story and finds something interesting and empowering here.

California Dreaming on bail just out of prison…

See… nothing justifies this week’s Ms. TV featuring Dominic Mysterio and Judgment Day. there is nothing. Dom is killing it now, and this was no exception.

Prison Grit

That Miz TV segment led directly to the main event for Tag Team Turmoil. It doesn’t make sense to summarize the whole thing, but I’ll cover the important parts. First, Damien Priest took charge of his business. The guy wrestled for about an hour, so give him a standing ovation. Second, his last hour was Judgment Day. Clearly the center of attention for the chaotic main event.

They went through The OC (Caaaaliforniaaaaa), Alpha Academy and finally Street Profits. Each match has its own flavor, and the Street Profits match tops my list. why? Well, on top of the fact that it’s profitable, we’ve got Dom showing off his prison mettle.

Finn Balor suffered a rib injury after using Chad Gable as a human shield during Otis’ Vader Bomb. Either Finn’s injury will force him to withdraw from the match, or Dom will take his place. Fresh out of prison, Dom said he wasn’t ready yet. However, he reluctantly took one for his team.

Dom got a W for his team as well, with a lot of help from Rhea. He pinned his Montez Ford while Rhea held Dom’s leg and applied additional force.

The Usos, who had yet to hear Pierce’s story, appeared at the end of the show to face a new challenger.

I love profit, but giving a W to Judgment Day is the right move here.They’re hot, Dom kills it, and his whole act brings out different flavors from the whole crew. Raw Tagging the team’s title, or at least putting it in this position, means good.

Watch the full main event. Well worth the time.

(almost) perfect victory

About the victory of Solo Sicoa, which I talked about earlier. Dolph made his solo look like a stud and nearly got the win. Of all Solo matches, Dolph came closest to giving his Street Champ his first L.

Dolph took a lot of punishment in the match, which he only wanted for revenge. Solo and the rest of Bloodline went their war ways a few weeks ago, with Dolph getting in the way. declined. He almost got it too, but made one fatal mistake when he went to Famouser.

After finally making his comeback, Dolph nearly pinned Solo twice. Next, he used his solo momentum against him, dodging a turnbuckle attack, and then followed it up with a kick to the knee. I noticed. Solo caught Dolph and put him in a powerbomb position. But rather than drop him, when Ziggler returned to Earth, he threw him off his shoulder and nailed Dolph with a Samoan spike. Even if you can’t watch the whole game, please watch it.

dedicated to becky

Bailey wrestled Michin (her name this week) and dedicated the bout to Becky Lynch. Bailey knows that Becky has seen and lurked outside, but she also knows that she is jealous of the fact that Bailey has her friends. Yeah she’s mad because she doesn’t have CTRL. At least Bailey thinks so. Michin joined as one of Becky’s “friends”. I mean, Bailey set her example. And by that it means she cheated on her W her. One more solid match for her I wish would build a bit more, or at least get a surprise look from Becky.

It actually happened later when Michim confronted Bayley backstage for cheating. Bailey did the typical heel thing, saying she doesn’t like anyone who whines, called her girl, and beat Michimu with the help of IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. provided serious and intriguing advice on the whole situation.

It’s true and it throws some complications into Becky and Michimu’s relationship.

poor pixie

Candice LeRae challenged Rhea Ripley because Mami interrupted her backstage interview. This also served as preparation for the Royal Rumble, as both women declared they wanted a part of the Women’s Rumble.

As expected. Rhea dominated most of the time, but it didn’t do much for me. I like both women a lot, but seeing Rhea dominate makes me completely bored at this point.


Remember when Bronson Reed helped The Miz beat Dexter Lumis? Well, we finally know why.Bronson Appears Raw And in essence, they said they weren’t friends. If Miz asks for his help, that’s what that cream is all about. , well, you are not, blub.

more nightmares

We got part 2 of Cody’s comeback video this week. We predict he will announce his return in the last part of these videos.

The main event was a blast and the show mostly kept moving. This was probably a fun night with some official Royal Rumble entries, and the Usos finally got a new challenger.It wasn’t a perfect show, but it was pretty good.

Grade: B+

That’s my grade and I’m sticking with it. your turn.

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