Red Rocks Handle Business At Home Against Washinton

Salt Lake City – After a rough first game against the No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners last week, the No. 4 Red Rocks returned to the Huntsman Center to host the No. 25 Washington Huskies.

The competition was never in doubt as the Red Rocks quickly notified the Huskies that they weren’t there to play the game. We have won.

Rotation 1: Utah Vault, UW Birds

Utah Vault: 49.425

Jaylene Gilstrup: 9.850

Abby Brenner: 9.850

Makena Smith: 9.900

Jedin Rucker: 9.875

Grace McCallum: 9.850

Gillian Hoffman: 9.950

Your bar: 49,000

Dear Moody: 9.800

Taylor Russon: 9.800

Olivia Opegard: 9,700

Brenna Brooks: 9.800

Lily Tubbs: 9.700

Skylar Killough-Wilhelm: 9.900


The Red Rocks got off to a good start after Rotation 1, leading the Huskies 49.425 – 49.000. The highlight at Vault was Jillian Hoffman’s Stack 1.5. This is the first time she has competed in the vault since returning from her injury last season.

Rotation 2: Utah Bars, UW Vault

Your Vault: 49,100

Total score: 98.100

Kennedy Davis: 9.775

Brenna Brooks: 9.850

Lana Navarro: 9,825

Skylar Killough-Wilhelm: 9.825

Amara Cunningham: 9.825

Emily Innes: 9.775

Bar in Utah: 49.450

Total Score: 98.975

Amelie Morgan: 9.850

Makena Smith: 9.825

Abby Brenner: 9.850

Maile O’Keeffe: 9.950

Crystal One: 9.850

Grace McCallum: 9.950


Another strong show for Rotation 2 Red Rocks, with Maile O’Keeffe and Grace McCallum starring in the show. There is a pattern of extreme inconsistency in how routines are scored today. So far, about three or four of Utah’s routines have had a one-tenth difference between the judges. For example, one judge gave McCallum a 10 and another gave him a 9.900.

Rotation 3: Utah Beam, UW Floor

Utah Beam: 49.625

Total score: 148.500

Amelie Morgan: 9.825

Grace McCallum: 9.900

Abby Paulson: 9.900

Additional Eaker: 9.900

Crystal One: 9.950

Maile O’Keeffe: 9.975

Your Floor: 49,200

Total score: 147.300

Emily Innes: 9.800

Hadley Roberts: 9.800

Skylar Kilough-Wilhelm: 9.850

Lana Navarro: 9,850

Amara Cunningham: 9.875

Nguyen Tree: 9,825


Another beautiful effort despite some uncharacteristic misses from Red Rocks on the beam. Maile O’Keefe and Crystal Isa were quite exquisite to end the rotation. Utah are ahead in fourth with a very comfortable lead.

Final Rotation: UW Beam, Utah Floor

Your Beam: 49,050

Final Score: 196.350

Brenna Brooks: 9.800

Taylor Russon: 9.325

Dear Moody: 9.800

Lana Navarro: 9,900

Kennedy Davis: 9.875

Skylar Killough-Wilhelm: 9.675

Utah Floor: 49.475

Final Score: 197.975

Abby Paulson: 9.850

Jaylene Gilstrup: 9.875

Abby Brenner: 9.875

Makena Smith: 9.800

Jedin Rucker: 9.925

Grace McCallum: 9.950


Red Rocks probably had the best floor rotation of the season. The energy continued to build throughout and Rucker and McCallum finished with big scores.

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