Reddit Launches New Reddit for Business Website to Provide Additional Guidance for Marketers

Reddit has launched a new Reddit for Business website. This website offers many insights, tips and notes to potential buyers of Reddit ads to help guide Reddit’s marketing approach.

Reddit has spent the last few years working to make itself more attractive to advertisers. This new website seeks to enhance our community-driven messaging approach.

According to Reddit:

“90% of users trust Reddit to learn about new products and brands. For context, this is higher than Google, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Local trust turns into action. Redditors tend to be more informed consumers, more valued buyers, and work hard for their favorite brands. Also, they are more likely to recommend products they love.

The minisite contains usage stats, tips, case studies, and educational resources to help you get started with Reddit advertising.

Reddit for Business website

In fact, there are a ton of case studies in all, 38, that provide varying insights into how brands are using the app to scale their digital marketing efforts and connect with their community on Reddit.

Worth a look if you’re thinking about Reddit ads. Case studies in particular serve as guidebooks for effective and creative Reddit marketing.

And while some are reassessing spending on digital marketing, Reddit may be a higher priority in 2023. It’s especially important as a way to drive trends and match your app’s passions.

You can check out the new Reddit for Business website here.

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